Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford

A Study in Collaboration


Author: John Hope Morey
Editor: Gene M. Moore
When Joseph Conrad died in 1924, Ford Madox Ford immediately published a memoir of his involvement with Conrad at which Conrad's widow took offense. The ensuing "controversy" left Ford with a lasting reputation for "unreliability" which Morey examines in detail, uncovering evidence that substantiates most of Ford's claims. Morey's judicious assessment of the literary friendship and interdependence between two remarkable writers is a much-needed addition to studies of Conrad and Ford.

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Gene M. Moore taught English and American literature at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. He has published widely on Conrad and Ford, including the Oxford Reader's Companion to Conrad and the chapter on "Collaboration" in the Routledge Research Companion to Ford.
This detailed account of the collaborations of Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford is accessible to readers at all levels, from literary students and interested lay readers to academic specialists.