Illuminations by Philo of Alexandria: Selected Studies on Interpretation in Philo, Paul and the Revelation of John


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This volume contains a collection of 17 essays on Philo written by Peder Borgen between 1987 and 2018.
The first six studies deal with important issues in Philo’s religious thought and social world, such as his views on Flaccus, prayers, and his eschatology. The next five essays illustrate how an understanding of Philo can contribute to the interpretation of Paul, especially his Letter to the Galatians. The final six studies deal with the importance of Philo’s writings for the interpretation of the Revelation of John, a subject too rarely touched upon in recent scholarship.

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Peder Borgen, (b. 1928), Ph.D (1956), Drew University, USA, Dr.theol (1966), University of Oslo, was professor of the New Testament and its world at the University of Trondheim/NTNU from 1973 until his retirement. He now lives in Lillestrøm, Norway.
Torrey Seland (b. 1948), (1991), University of Trondheim, Norway, was professor at Volda Regional College (1988-2005) and at School of Mission and Theology (VID), 2005-2014. Recent publications include Reading Philo: A Handbook to Philo (Eerdmans, 2014).
Preface by Peder Borgen
Peder Borgen by Torrey Seland
Abbreviations of Journals and Series

Introduction by David E. Aune

Part 1: Interpreted History, Application of a Biblical Event and an Eschatological Hope

1 Philo’s Against Flaccus as Interpreted History

2 Application of and Commitment to the Laws of Moses: Observations on Philo’s Treatise On the Embassy to Gaius

3 Some Crime-and-Punishments Reports

4 Two Philonic Prayers and Their Contexts: An Analysis of Who is the Heir of Divine Things (Her.) 24–29 and Against Flaccus (Flacc.) 170–75

5 The Crossing of the Red Sea as Interpreted by Philo: Biblical Event—Liturgical Model—Cultural Application

6 “There Shall Come Forth a Man”: Reflections on Messianic Ideas in Philo

Part 2: Philo and Paul

7 Perspectives for Mission: Galatians 3:1–14 in Context

8 Openly Portrayed as Crucified: Some Observations on Gal 3:1–14

9 Crucified for His Own Sins—Crucified for Our Sins: Observations on a Pauline Perspective

10 Some Hebrew and Pagan Features in Philo’s and Paul’s Interpretation of Hagar and Ishmael

11 The Cross-National Church for Jews and Greeks: Observations on Paul’s Letter to the Galatians

Part 3: Philo and the Revelation of John

12 Heavenly Ascent in Philo: An Examination of Selected Passages

13 Illegitimate Invasion and Proper Ascent: A Study of Passages in Philo’s Writings and the Revelation to John

14 Autobiographical Ascent Reports: Philo and John the Seer

15 Polemic in the Book of Revelation

16 Moses, Jesus, and the Roman Emperor: Observations in Philo’s Writings and the Revelation of John

17 Emperor Worship and Persecution in Philo’s In Flaccum and De Legatione ad Gaium and the Revelation of John

Index of Ancient Sources
Index of Modern Authors
All interested in Diaspora Judaism as represented by Philo of Alexandria, and Jewish exegesis and its influence on the New Testament.
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