“Look At Me and Be Appalled”. Essays on Job, Theology, and Ethics

An Interdisciplinary Dialogue


This collection of eighteen essays addresses critical theological and ethical issues in the book of Job: (1) Prologue: From Eden to Uz; (2) Job and His Friends: “What Provokes You that You Keep on Talking?”; (3) Job and the Priests: “Look At Me and Be Appalled;” (4) Traumatizing Job: “God Has Worn Me Out;” (5) Out of the Whirlwind: “Can You Thunder with A Voice Like God’s?”; (6) Preaching Job and Job’s God: “Listen Carefully to My Words;” (7) Epilogue: “All’s Well That Ends Well” … or Is it? The lead essay raises the question that lingers over the entire book: What are we to think of a God who is complicit in the death of seven sons and three daughters “for no reason”?

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Samuel E. Balentine is Professor of Old Testament Emeritus at Union Presbyterian Seminary. He is the author of numerous essays and books on Job, including a major commentary (Job, 2006) and Have You Considered My Servant Job: Understanding the Biblical Archetype of Patience (2015).
“The volume also is sprinkled with fourteen colour images, illustrating Balentine’s commitment to broad study and integration of art and literature which infuses his work with insightful depth. The gift of this collection of essays is its invitation to the reader to wrestle with the God of the book of Job, with whom Balentine has been wrestling for many years in order to grasp a blessing.”
– Brittany N. Melton, Palm Beach Atlantic University, USA, in: Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Volume 46, Issue 5, June 2022.
All interested in theological and ethical issues in the Book of Job and their abiding importance for contemporary readers.
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