Early Ibadi Theology: New Material on Rational Thought in Islam from the Pen of al-Fazārī (2nd/8th Century)


Al-Fazārī’s writings are a unique source of information about Ibadi teachings on ʿilm al-kalām and the early development of this branch of religious knowledge. It is for this reason that scholars of Islamic theology are particularly interested in early Ibadi theology. In this volume newly discovered, re-edited texts by al-Fazārī are presented, with previously lacking fragments included, texts that had already begun to offer new perspectives on Islamic ʿilm al-kalām, and on its origins and the sources of its concepts and debating techniques. In their revised state these Ibadi texts represent a major contribution to scholastic theology. They demonstrate how their respective theological debates already took place at the beginning of the second/eighth century and how associated ideas, as well as related sects and treatises, remained current for some time afterwards, thereby contradicting earlier claims that these debates started in the third/ninth century.

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Abdulrahman al-Salimi, ( Ph.D Durham 2001) is an Omani scholar. He has published on Omani studies and early Islamic sources. He is author of Early Islamic Law in Basra in the 2nd/8th Century: Aqwal Qatadah B. Da'amah Al-Sadusi, ( Brill, 2017), Portugal in the Sea of Oman: Religion and Politics Corpus 2, (Olms Verlag, 2018), and A Maritime Lexicon: Arabic Nautical Terminology in the Indian Ocean (as co-author) (Olms Verlag, 2019).
All interested in the formation of early Islamic thought sources, scholars and students of Ibadi studies.