Women and Gender in a Lebanese Village

Generations of Change


Author: Nancy W. Jabbra
In Women and Gender in a Lebanese Village: Generations of Change, Nancy W. Jabbra addresses change in women's and gender roles in a village in Lebanon's Bekaa valley. Employing ethnographic methods and secondary sources, she explores that change from the post-World War II period to the early twenty-first century. The topics of geography and power, family and kinship, education and work, community solidarity, ritual and symbolism, and consideration of the future comprise the substantive part of her monograph. This work is a much-needed comprehensive treatment of women in a contemporary Arab Christian rural community.

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Nancy W. Jabbra, Ph.D. (1975), Catholic University of America, is Professor Emeritus of Women's and Gender Studies at Loyola Marymount University. She has published extensively on Middle East studies, women's and gender studies, and, most recently, vernacular religion in Lebanon.

1 Introduction

2 Al-Firzul in Context
 1 Before the Nineteenth Century
 2 The Nineteenth Century to the End of World War I
 3 Post World War I to World War II
 4 World War II
 5 The Post-World War II Period
 6 The Village during the 1970s
 7 The Civil War
 8 After the Civil War: The 1990s
 9 The 2000s
 10 Conclusion

3 Women, Gender, and Families
 1 Kinship and Residence
 2 Views about Marriage
 3 Finding a Spouse
 4 Age at Marriage
 5 Family Structure and Size
 6 Conclusion

4 Women, Education, and Work
 1 Education
 2 Work
 3 Summary and Conclusion

5 Gender and Community
 1 Kinship
 2 Organizations
 3 Governance and Institutions
 4 The Internet
 5 Summary and Conclusion

6 Gender Symbolism in Ritual
 1 Origins of First Communion in al-Firzul
 2 First Communion in 1973
 3 Post-Civil War First Communion Observance
 4 Weddings in 1972–1973
 5 Weddings Post-Civil War
 6 Funerals in the 1970s
 7 Funerals Post-Civil War
 8 Women’s Practice of Vernacular Religion: Subverting the Gender Hierarchy
 9 Conclusion

7 Conclusion
 1 Summary
 2 Some Portraits: A Glimpse of the Future?
Academic libraries, national and large urban libraries, scholars and graduate students, and general readers. Those with interests in Middle East studies, women's and gender studies, Lebanon, and Christianity in the Arab world.