The Oasis of Bukhara, Volume 2: An Archaeological, Sociological and Historical Study


In An Archaeological, Sociological and Historical Study, volume 2 of The Oasis of Bukhara, Rocco Rante, Florian Schwarz and Luigi Tronca engage in a strong, pluridisciplinary collaboration and use an innovative approach to offer a new contribution to the history of the oasis of Bukhara from the end of the last millennium BCE to the end of the medieval era.
Referencing archaeological, historical and sociological data, the book revisits the history of this Central Asian region, giving the reader, specialist and general reader a detailed description of the political and socio-economical features that characterized the oasis during this long chronological span.

The volume is co-published by Brill, Leiden, and the Louvre Museum, Paris.

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Rocco Rante, Ph.D. (2009), Professional Research Fellow (2018), University Pantheon-La Sorbonne, is archaeologist at the Louvre Museum. He has published Rayy: From Its Origins to the Mongol Invasion (Leiden, 2015) and The Greater Khorasan (Berlin, 2015).
Florian Schwarz, Ph.D. (1998), University of Tübingen, is the Director of the Institute of Iranian Studies at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna and Honorary Professor at the University of Vienna.
Luigi Tronca, Ph.D. (2006), University of Bologna, is Full Professor of General Sociology at the University of Verona. His theoretical and empirical research mainly concerns the themes of social capital, the analysis of social networks, consumption, the third sector and governance models.
Historians, archaeologists and sociologists, especially specialists in network-analysis.
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