Learner-Centred Education for Adult Migrants in Europe

A Critical Comparative Analysis


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Learner-Centred Education for Adult Migrants in Europe: A Critical Comparative Analysis contributes to the field of Adult Education by investigating the ways in which Learner-Centred Education (LCE) is being enacted, implemented or neglected in specific settings.

The book addresses the lack of research on how LCE is used in adult education as a tool for social change across different national contexts. This comparative approach is crucial for exploring the complex global, regional, national and local dynamics that account for varying implementations (or non-implementations) of LCE in different settings, for appreciating the thin or wide differences in practices of implementation, and for assessing the successes, failures and needs for improvement of diverse LCE programmes. The book’s primary focus on migration as a social process, and migrants as active citizens is useful in unravelling the convergences and divergences of different national and urban settings where migrant adult learners live as citizens, or as non-citizens, and how this intersects with their experiences as learners.

This research is contextualised in a larger political context. What emerges from the parting reflection is a European scenario marked by ambivalent and contradictory relations with migrants, and an educational intervention that is located somewhere between the assimilationist-integrationist dialectic. The four cases presented (Estonia, Malta, Scotland and Cyprus) generally respond to the learners’ needs on the ground while rarely problematising the ideological stance of the state in relation to the educational plight of migrants. The final chapter introduces and elaborates on a new concept, Emancipatory LCE, to help generate a deeper analysis.

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Maria N. Gravani, Ph.D. (2003), University of Bristol, Graduate School of Education, is Associate Professor of Adult & Continuing Education at the Open University of Cyprus. Her research has focused on the teaching and learning of adults as a means of individual empowerment and social change, and professionalisation of adult educators.
Bonnie Slade, Ph.D. (2008), University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, is a Professor in Adult Education at the School of Education at the University of Glasgow, and Programme Leader of the International Masters in Adult Education for Social Change (Erasmus Mundus).
"This book makes a very important contribution to the growing literature on how learner-centred education plays out in different contexts: in this case, the context of adult education for migrants in four European settings. The four cases (and their ‘cartographies’) are presented vividly. The comparisons are thoughtful and provide models of effective comparative education methods, including how to manage a framework and units of analysis. Accessible and well organised, it is an excellent resource for anyone interested in any of these themes." – Michele Schweisfurth, Professor of Comparative and International Education, University of Glasgow
Peter Mayo
Notes on Contributors

PART 1: Conceptualisation

1 Setting the Context for a Comparative Exploration of Learner-Centred Education (LCE) in Programmes for Adult Migrants in Europe
Maria N. Gravani and Bonnie Slade
2 Learner-Centred Education: Debating Conceptual, Theoretical and Empirical Approaches
Maria N. Gravani and Pavlos Hatzopoulos

PART 2: Contextualisation

3 Comparative Cartography of Adult Education for Migrants in the Four Countries
Maria Brown, Maria N. Gravani, Bonnie Slade and Larissa Jõgi
4 Learner-Centred Education and Adult Education for Migrants in Estonia
Larissa Jõgi and Katrin Karu
5 Learner-Centred Education and Adult Education for Migrants in Glasgow
Bonnie Slade and Nicola Dickson
6 Learner-Centred Education and Adult Education for Migrants in Malta
Maria Brown
7 Learner-Centred Education and Adult Education for Migrants in Cyprus
Maria N. Gravani, Pavlos Hatzopoulos and Eleni Papaioannou

PART 3: Comparative Analysis & Reflections

8 Learner-Centred Education and Adult Education for Migrants: A Cross-Case Analysis of the Four Cases
Pavlos Hatzopoulos, Maria N. Gravani, Bonnie Slade, Larissa Jõgi and Maria Brown
9 Reading the Migrants’ World through Emancipatory Learner-Centred Education: Parting Reflections on the Micro Pedagogical Contexts
Carmel Borg

All interested in the teaching and learning of adults, migrations studies, learner-centred pedagogies, adult education for social change, comparative education, education of adult migrants in Europe.
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