Unhooking from Whiteness

It's a Process


What does it look like to let go of Whiteness?

Whiteness promotes a form of hegemonic thinking, which influences not only thought processes but also behavior within the academy. Working to dismantle the racism and whiteness that continue to keep oppressed people powerless and immobilized in academe requires sharing power, opportunity, and access. Removing barriers to the knowledge created in higher education is an essential part of this process. The process of unhooking oneself from institutionalized whiteness certainly requires fighting hegemonic modes of thought and patriarchal views that persistently keep marginalized groups of academics in their station (or at their institution). In the explosive Unhooking from Whiteness: Resisting the Esprit de Corps, editors Hartlep and Hayes continued the conversation they began in 2013 with Unhooking from Whiteness: The Key to Dismantling Racism in the United States.

This third and final volume focuses on the writers' processes to let go of the pathology of Whiteness. The contributors in this book have once again come from an intersection of races, ethnicities, sexual identities and gender identities and includes conversations across these multiple intersections. The editors move from prepared précises on multicultural education toward actionable conversations that drive social justice agendas and have the power to eliminate educational inequities.

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Prologue: Corpus Delecti
Chapter 1 Unhooking from Whiteness
Chapter 2 Decivilization in the Trump Error
Chapter 3 Four Domains of Benefiting from Racism
Chapter 4 Loving Blackness to Dismantle Whiteness
Chapter 5 Gay Is Not the New Black
Chapter 6 The Least Racist White Person in the Room
Chapter 7 I Must Confront What Is Uncomfortable
Chapter 8 Diversity Bang
Chapter 9 Defecting from Whiteness
Chapter 10 “Hey, I Live There!”
Chapter 11 Complicating the Ally/Enemy Dichotomy
Chapter 12 The Enemy Is White Supremacy
Chapter 13 Beyond the Color Lines
Chapter 14 Your Whiteness Is Showing, and Yes, It Is Racist
Chapter 15 There Is No Turning Back
Cleveland Hayes, PhD, University of Utah, is Professor of Education Foundations in the Urban Teacher Education Department at Indiana University School of Education – Indianapolis. He has published edited volumes and many articles on the history of Black education, Latino male teachers.

Issac Carter, PhD, Florida Atlantic University, is a critical educator, life coach, organizer, musician, poet, and cultural critic. Throughout his career, he has led many initiatives to support college access, retention, and graduation of low-income students of color and underrepresented student populations.

Kathy Elderson, EdD, University of La Verne, is an Assistant Professor in the Educational Counseling program at the University of La Verne, where she serves as the Director of the School Counseling Fieldwork & Internship Program. Prior to joining the faculty, she supervised school counselors and managed student support services that contributed to the delivery of comprehensive school counseling programs.
Preface: Unhooking from Whiteness: #BlackLivesMatter!
Issac Carter
About the Cover: Cruising the Political Landscape in 1992 Los Angeles
Luis-Genaro Garcia
List of Figures and Tables
About the Contributors

Prologue: Corpus Delecti
Lasana D. Kazembe

1 Unhooking from Whiteness: Beginning the Journey
Cleveland Hayes, Issac Carter and Kathy Elderson
2 Decivilization in the Trump Error: A Call for Humanity without the Whiteness of Man
Issac Carter
3 Four Domains of Benefiting from Racism: A Multi-Year Autoethnography of a High School Student Exchange
Andrew J. Schiera
4 Loving Blackness to Dismantle Whiteness: On Pushing Ideals of Social Justice to Unhook from Whiteness
Brenda Juarez Harris
5 Gay Is Not the New Black: Decentering Whiteness in the Quest for Equality
Cleveland Hayes
6 The Least Racist White Person in the Room: Towards Critical Authenticity
Dennis L. Rudnick
7 I Must Confront What Is Uncomfortable
Adonay Montes
8 Diversity Bang: Who Benefits from Interest Convergence in Higher Ed?
Naomi W. Nishi
9 Defecting from Whiteness: Coalescing toward Liberation
Zachary S. Ritter and Kenneth R. Roth
10 “Hey, I Live There!”: Unpacking Environmental Justice Education and Whiteness in a Rust Belt City
Monica L. Miles, Kate Haq and Eve Shippens
11 Complicating the Ally/Enemy Dichotomy: White Teachers, Critical Whiteness, and Racial Justice Identifications
Jamie Utt
12 The Enemy Is White Supremacy: How South Korea and China Got Hooked
Hannah R. Stohry, Jing Tan and Brittany A. Aronson
13 Beyond the Color Lines: A Duoethnography of Multiraciality and Unhooking
Cristina Santamaría Graff and Josh Manlove
14 Your Whiteness Is Showing, and Yes, It Is Racist: How Whites Stay in the Dark
Jared J. Aldern and Peter M. Newlove
15 There Is No Turning Back
Kathy Elderson

Nicholas D. Hartlep
All interested in social justice. This book is aimed toward those who do anti Black racism and Critical Whiteness and Whiteness Theory. From a methods perspective those who are interested in autoethnographic research.
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