Destination Africa

Contemporary Africa as a Centre of Global Encounter


This work challenges received ideas of Africa as a marginal continent and place of exodus by considering the continent as a centre of global connectivity and confluence. Flows of people, goods, and investments towards Africa have increased and diversified over recent decades. In light of these changes, the contributions analyse new actors in such diverse fields as education, trade, infrastructure, and tourism. They show the historicity of many current mobilities towards Africa and investigate questions of agency and power in shaping encounters between Africans and others in Africa today. In this way, the volume contributes significantly to debates on Africa’s position in global mobility dynamics and provides a firm basis for further research.

Contributors are: Gérard Amougou, Alice Aterianus-Owanga, Eric Burton, Jean-Frédéric de Hasque, Mayke Kaag, Guive Khan-Mohammad, Fabien Nkot, Miriam Adelina Ocadiz Arriaga, Ute Röschenthaler, Alexandra Samokhvalova, Stefan Schmid, Sophia Thubauville, Di Wu.

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Mayke Kaag is Associate Professor Political Anthropology of Africa’s Global Connections at the African Studies Centre Leiden. Her research broadly focuses on African transnational relations, including land issues, global providers of Islamic education in Africa, and engagements with the diaspora.

Guive Khan-Mohammad is a sociologist and currently working as a scientific adviser at the Rector’s Office of the University of Geneva. His research mainly focuses on African–Asian transnational connections, entrepreneurship, and state–business relations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Stefan Schmid is a human geographer and the scientific coordinator of the Centre for Interdisciplinary African Studies at Goethe University, Frankfurt. In this capacity he manages research projects on Africa–Asia relations and organises programmes promoting young career academics in Africa.
All interested in Africa’s role and position in current global dynamics, mobilities towards Africa and their consequences; those particularly interested in educational, touristic, and developmental encounters, and China in Africa.
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