James Barr Assessed

Evaluating His Legacy over the Last Sixty Years


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James Barr is a widely recognized name in biblical studies, even if he is still best known for his The Semantics of Biblical Language. Barr’s Semantics, although first published in 1961, still generates animated discussion of its claims. However, over his lengthy career Barr published significant scholarship on a wide variety of topics within Old Testament studies and beyond. This volume provides an assessment of Barr’s contribution to biblical studies sixty years after the publication of his first and still memorable volume on biblical semantics. As a result, this volume includes essays on major topics such as the Hebrew language, lexical semantics, lexicography, the Septuagint, and biblical theology.

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Stanley E. Porter, Ph.D. (1988), University of Sheffield, is President, Dean, and Professor of New Testament at McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He has authored thirty volumes on a wide range of topics in the fields of New Testament studies, Greek language and linguistics, and related subjects.
Notes on Contributors

James Barr’s Life and Legacy: An Introduction
Stanley E. Porter

part 1: Hebrew Language and Old Testament

Linguistics, Philology, and the Text of the Old Testament
Robert D. Holmstedt

Comparative Philology and the Hebrew Language: Aspects of James Barr’s Critique
John F. A. Sawyer

part 2: Lexical Semantics and Biblical Philology

James Barr’s Biblical Words for Time Revisited
John Barton

James Barr on the ‘Illegitimate Totality Transfer’: Word-Concept Fallacy
Alan E. Kurschner

James Barr and the State of the Biblical Lexicon
David Arthur Lambert

Post-Semantics Commentary Writing: Romans 3:21–26 as an Example Text
Benjamin J. Baxter

The Semantics of Biblical Language: Reflections from Relevance Theory and Lexical Pragmatics
Gene L. Green

part 3: Lexicography

James Barr, Semantic Domains, and the Mental Lexicon
Sean A. Adams

Building on the Shoulders of Giants: A Data-Driven Approach to Word Sense Differentiation
Randall K. J. Tan and Andi Wu

part 4: Septuagint

The Semantics of Septuagint Language: Greek Comprehensibility and Its Hebrew Referent
Ryder Wishart

The Septuagint as Translation: The Intersection of Barr’s Semantics and Septuagint Studies
Darlene M. Seal

part 5: Biblical Theology

Was James Barr Wrong? Assessing His Critics on Biblical Theology
Stanley E. Porter

James Barr and Erroneous Method in Biblical Theology: Paul and the Gift as a Test Case
David I. Yoon

Index of Modern Authors
Index of Ancient Sources
All interested in the scholarship of James Barr, and the history of interpretation by a major figure in the field. Most relevant for academic libraries and specialists in biblical studies. Topics included are Hebrew language, lexical semantics, lexicography, the Septuagint, and biblical theology.
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