A Greek and Arabic Lexicon (GALex)

Materials for a Dictionary of the Mediaeval Translations from Greek into Arabic. Volume 2, ب to بين. Second, Revised Edition


From the 8th to the 10th century AD, Greek scientific and philosophical works were translated wholesale into Arabic, sometimes through the mediation of Syriac. A Greek and Arabic Lexicon is the first attempt to present in a systematic and rationalized way, with full analysis of the categories describing the grammar of translation, the vocabulary of these translations as each term appears in context, fully cited. It is an indispensable reference tool for the study and understanding of Arabic scientific and philosophical language and literature and its grammar, the vocabulary of Classical and Middle Greek, the transmission of the text of classical Greek works and their reception in late antiquity and Byzantium, and the reception and translation of the Arabic literature based on them in Byzantine Greek. Fully indexed, this second edition of the work supersedes the first with enhanced precision and breadth of coverage and user-friendly philological analysis.

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Rüdiger Arnzen, Dr. phil. (1994) in Oriental Studies, Ruhr University of Bochum, has published on Arabic philosophy (including critical editions and translations of philosophical works), Islamic history of sciences, Arabic and Persian codicology, and Graeco-Arabic lexicography and translation technique.

Gerhard Endress (b. 1939) is Professor Emeritus of Arabic and Islamic studies at Ruhr University, Bochum (Germany). He has published texts and studies in the fields of Arabic literature and Islamic history, focusing on the transmission of Greek thought in Arabic.

Dimitri Gutas, Ph.D. (1975), Yale University, is Professor Emeritus of Arabic at Yale. He has published on the mediaeval Graeco-Arabic translation movement, the transmission of Greek philosophical texts into Arabic (most recently Aristotle’s Poetics, Brill, 2012), and Arabic philosophy.

Geoffrey J. Moseley, Ph.D. (2017), Yale University, is a Wilson Fellow and Classics teacher at Deerfield Academy and has published on the Graeco-Arabic translation movement. He has taught at the Ohio State University and the University of the South.
Preface to the Second Edition (2020)
Addenda to the List of Sources

A Arabic-Greek Lexicon

B Greek-Arabic Glossary

C Index of Variant Greek Passages

D Index of Variant Arabic Passages

E Index of Middle Arabic Usage in Manuscript Readings

F Index of Greek Quotations

Index of Lemmata

All interested in Arabic and its history and grammar, classical and mediaeval Greek, the transmission of Greek texts, Arabic philosophy and science, and the history of ideas in late antiquity.
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