Representation and Truth

Approaches to Eric Voegelin’s Political Philosophy


The first volume of this new yearbook focuses on Eric Voegelin’s 1952 paper “New Science of Politics”, its significance and enduring relevance.
Eric Voegelin’s “New Science of Politics” is today considered a classic of recent political philosophy, albeit a controversial one. As soon as it was published, the book caused a sensation, especially because of its relatively sharp criticism of the normative foundations of Western modernity. In doing so, Voegelin places the question of the ambiguity of the concept of representation and its claim to truth at the center of his reflections. The contributions to this volume aim to shed light on how fruitful and topical this perspective still is today from various perspectives. The contributions come from authors of different disciplines, including political science, philosophy, and sociology. In addition to a classification of the “New Science of Politics” in Voegelin’s oeuvre as a whole, the volume primarily inquires into the systematically interesting points of contact, which are also of interest beyond Voegelin’s reception.

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Nicoletta Scotti Muth is Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor of the History of the Metaphysics of Antiquity at the Catholic University of Milan and Chair of the Eric Voegelin Society e.V.
Christian Schwaabe is Lecturer in Political Theory and Philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.
Advisory Board:
Ignacio Carbajosa
Cathrine Chalier
Gabriele de Anna
Giuseppe Duso
Jürgen Gebhardt
Alessandra Gerolin
John von Heyking
Josep Monserrat Molas
Peter J. Opitz
Cyril O'Regan
William Petropulos
Matthias Riedl
Christian Schwaabe
Harald Seubert
Bjørn Thomassen
Mario Wintersteiger
Harald Wydra
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