The Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China

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This contribution provides the important and timely bilingual version of the Chinese Civil Code and the Supreme People’s Court’s Judicial Interpretation of the Temporal Effect of the Civil Code. Providing translations by a diverse group of esteemed legal scholars, on Contract Law, Tort Law, Marriage, Family and Succession Law, General and Personality Provisions and Property Law, this unique resource will be important for all those with an interest in Chinese Law.

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Lei Chen, Chair in Chinese Law, Durham University, UK. He has published extensively in areas of Chinese and comparative private law and dispute resolution.
Jiangqiu Ge, Assistant Professor at Fudan University Law School. He holds a Ph.D. from Maastricht University and Master of Law degree from Tsinghua University. His areas of expertise are consumer law and contract law.
Jian He, Assistant Professor at Peking University Law School. He has published widely in the areas of law of civil procedure and legal theory. He obtained his Ph.D. in Law from Peking University and his Dr. jur. magna cum laude from University of Mannheim.
Qiao Liu, Professor of Law at School of Law, City University of Hong Kong. He is co-editor-in-chief of Chinese Journal of Comparative Law.
Zhicheng Wu, D.Phil. (Oxon), Assistant Professor at Renmin Law School. His research interests cover civil and commercial law, in particular property, trusts, fiduciary, restitution, company and finance.
Bingwan Xiong, Associate Professor at Renmin Law School. He has published on a wide range of subjects regarding private law and law & technology in law journals. He graduated from Renmin University (LL.B., LL.M., and Ph.D.) and Harvard Law School (LL.M.).

第二编 物权

Book II: Property Rights

第一分编  通    则

Part One: General Rules

第一章  一般规定

1 Basic Rules

第二章  物权的设立、变更、转让和消灭

2 Creation, Alteration Transfer and Extinction of Property Rights

第三章  物权的保护

3 Protection of Property Rights

第二分编  所有权

Part Two: Ownership

第四章  一般规定

4 Basic Rules

第五章  国家所有权和集体所有权、私人所有权

5 State Ownership, Collective Ownership and Private Ownership

第六章  业主的建筑物区分所有权

6 Condominium Ownership

第七章  相邻关系

7 Neighboring Relationships

第八章  共有

8 Co-ownership

第九章  所有权取得的特别规定

9 Special Provisions on the Acquisition of Ownership

第三分编  用益物权

Part Three: Usufructuary Rights

第十章  一般规定

10 Basic Rules

第十一章  土地承包经营权

11 Right to Land Contractual Management

第十二章  建设用地使用权 

12 Right to Use Construction Land

第十三章  宅基地使用权 

13 Right to Use Homestead Land

第十四章  居 住 权

14 Right of Habitation

第十五章  地 役 权

15 Right of Real Servitude

第四分编  担保物权

Part Four: Security Interests

第十六章  一般规定

16 Basic Rules

第十七章  抵 押 权

17 Right of Charge

第十八章  质    权

18 Right of Pledge

第十九章  留 置 权

19 Right of Lien

第五分编  占    有

Part Five: Possession

第二十章  占    有

20 Possession

第三编  合    同

Book III: Contracts

第一分编  通    则

Part One: General Rules

第一章  一般规定

1 Basic Rules

第二章  合同的订立

2 Contract Formation

第三章  合同的效力

3 Validity of Contracts

第四章  合同的履行

4 Performance of Contracts

第五章  合同的保全

5 Preservation of Contracts

第六章  合同的变更和转让

6 Modification and Assignment of Contracts

第七章  合同的权利义务终止

7 Termination of Contractual Rights and Obligations

第八章  违约责任

8 Liabilities for Breach of Contract

第二分编 典型合同

Part Two: Typical Contracts

第九章 买卖合同

9 Sales Contracts

第十章 供用电、水、气、热力合同

10 Contracts for the Supply and Use of Electricity, Water, Gas or Heat

第十一章  赠与合同

11 Gift Contracts

第十二章  借款合同

12 Loan Contracts

第十三章  保证合同

13 Guaranty Contracts

第十四章  租赁合同

14 Lease Contracts

第十五章  融资租赁合同

15 Financial Lease Contracts

第十六章  保理合同

16 Factoring Contracts

第十七章  承揽合同

17 Contracts for Work

第十八章  建设工程合同

18 Construction Contracts

第十九章  运输合同

19 Carriage Contracts

第二十章  技术合同

20 Technology Contracts

第二十一章  保管合同

21 Safekeeping Contracts

第二十二章  仓储合同

22 Warehousing Contracts

第二十三章  委托合同

23 Mandate Contracts

第二十四章  物业服务合同

24 Contracts for Property Services

第二十五章  行纪合同

25 Contracts of Commission Agency

第二十六章  中介合同

26 Intermediary Contracts

第二十七章  合伙合同

27 Partnership Contracts

第三分编 准 合 同

Part Three: Quasi-Contracts

第二十八章  无因管理

28 Negotiorum Gestio (Unauthorised Management)

第二十九章  不当得利

29 Unjustified Enrichment

第四编 人格权

Book IV: Personality Rights

第一章 一般规定

1 Basic Rules

第二章 生命权、身体权和健康权

2 Rights to Life, Body, and Health

第三章 姓名权和名称权

3 Rights to Name and Business Name

第四章 肖像权

4 Right to Portrait

第五章 名誉权和荣誉权

5 Rights to Reputation and Honor

第六章 隐私权和个人信息保护

6 Right to Privacy and the Protection of Personal Information

第五编 婚姻家庭

Book V: Marriage and Family

第一章 一般规定

1 Basic Rules

第二章 结 婚

2 Entering into Marriage

第三章 家庭关系

3 Family Relationships

第四章 离婚

4 Divorce

第五章 收养

5 Adoption

第六编 继承

Book VI: Inheritance

第一章 一般规定

1 General Provisions

第二章 法定继承

2 Statutory Inheritance

第三章 遗嘱继承和遗赠

3 Testamentary Inheritance and Legacy

第四章 遗产的处理

4 Disposition of Estate

第七编 侵权责任

Book VII: Tort Liability

第一章 一般规定

1 Basic Rules

第二章 损害赔偿

2 Damages

第三章 责任主体的特殊规定

3 Special Rules on Tortfeasors

第四章 产品责任

4 Product Liability

第五章 机动车交通事故责任

5 Liability for Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents

第六章 医疗损害责任

6 Liability for Medical Malpractice

第七章 环境污染和生态破坏责任

7 Liability for Environmental Pollution and Ecological Destruction

第八章 高度危险责任

8 Liability for Ultra-Hazardous Activity

第九章 饲养动物损害责任

9 Liability for Damage Caused by Domestic Animal

第十章 建筑物和物件损害责任

10 Liability for Damage Caused by Buildings and Things


Supplemental Provisions
This title is meant for all readers who are interested in the Chinese Civil Code from a comparative perspective such as University libraries, scholars, students, researchers, legal practitioners, government institutions and NGOs.
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