Aliens before the European Court of Human Rights

Ensuring Minimum Standards of Human Rights Protection


This volume conducts an in-depth analysis of the ECtHR’s case law in the area of migration and asylum, exploring the role of the Court in this area of law. Each chapter deals with the case law on one specific ECHR article that is relevant for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. In addition, the volume is enriched by two additional studies which deal with issues that are treated in a transversal manner, namely vulnerability and the margin of appreciation. The volume systematises the case law on aliens’ rights under the ECHR, offering readers the chance to familiarise themselves with or gain deeper insight into the main principles the Strasbourg court applies in its case law regarding aliens.

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David Moya is an Associate Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Barcelona and the Director of the Observatory on Public Law (IDP). He is the main researcher in national and European projects in the area of migration.

Georgios Milios is a ‘Serra Húnter’ fellow of Constitutional Law at the University of Barcelona. He has published in international journals and is the author of the monograph El derecho a la vida familiar de los extranjeros (Comares, 2021).
All interested in migration and asylum law and the case law of the ECHR (in particular, researchers, academics, practitioners, post-graduate students, academic libraries).
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