Growing Out of Communism

Russian Literature for Children and Teens, 1991–2017


Growing Out of Communism explores the rise of a new body of literature for children and teens following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the subsequent transformation of the publishing industry.
Lanoux, Herold, and Bukhina first consider the Soviet foundations of the new literature, then chart the influx of translated literature into Russia in the 1990s. In tracing the development of new literature that reflects the lived experiences of contemporary children and teens, the book examines changes to literary institutions, dominant genres, and archetypal heroes. Also discussed are the informal networks and online reader responses that reflect the views of child and teen readers.

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Andrea Lanoux is Elizabeth S. Kruidenier ’48 Professor of Slavic Studies at Connecticut College, where she teaches Russian language and culture and courses in Global studies.
Kelly Herold is Associate Professor of Russian at Grinnell College, where she teaches Russian at all levels, as well as courses on the Russian novel and short story, Nabokov, Tolstoy, and young adult fiction.
Olga Bukhina is a translator, writer, specialist in Russian children’s literature, and independent scholar based in New York City.
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