The Greatest Lecture I Was Never Taught

Leadership Lessons and Mentoring Moments from the Lives of Everyday Educators


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Informal learning experiences drive many into the education realm. For some, the opportunity to coach young people in sports or other extra-curricular programs is what motivates them to get out of bed in the morning. It is in these contexts that young people acquire some of the lessons that have stood the tests of time in their memory, and formulated their being. It is these moments that we hope to capture and pass on through this collective work.
The Greatest Lecture I Was Never Taught: Leadership Lessons and Mentoring Moments from the Lives of Everyday Educators asks educators from all sectors (K12, Higher Education, Educational Administrators, Medical, Military, Coaching, etc.) to reflect on these moments and help us pass them on. Some took this as an opportunity to finally thank a mentor. Others presented information on what shaped their priorities; and still others just wanted to tell a story. Whatever their motivation, this collection should serve as an investigation on how the informal teaching moments are a leader’s and mentor’s greatest tool.

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John H. Curry, Ph.D. (2005), Utah State University, is an Associate Professor of Instructional Design and Technology and Chair of the Organizational Learning and Performance Department at Idaho State University.

Sean R. Jackson, Ed.D. (2018), Morehead State University, is the K-12 Computer Science Lead for the Kentucky Department of Education. Dr. Jackson was a 2018 Cochran Intern for the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) and serves on CompTIA’s National CTE Advisory Council.
Charles B. Hodges
A Note from the Series Editors
Christopher T. Miller and Anthony A. Piña
Notes on Contributors

1 Introduction
John H. Curry
2 The Art of the Deal
Donna Brown
3 Always Be Present
Jill Stefaniak
4 Lectern Smashing Lectures
Joan Giblin
5 First Sergeant’s Family
Jeffrey Morning
6 Creating a Caring Culture through Personal Development
Martin Nelson
7 Daily Conversations: A Visible Leader
Ronda Reece
8 Stop Thinking of Yourself Like a Student!
Christopher T. Miller
9 Love Changes People
Alissa Sasser
10 … And Only a Second to Destroy It
Ryan Winders
11 Clean Baseboards
Debra Huber
12 When the Tutee Schools the Tutor
Rebecca Clark-Stallkamp
13 “When I Need a Class Clown, I’ll Let You Know”
John H. Curry
14 What Do You Want to Do?
Danielle Barrett
15 Leaders Listen, Share, and Support Others
Megan Conners Murtaugh
16 Demonstrating an Ethic of Care: The Valuable Resource of Time
Alan Rucker
17 You Don’t Have to Earn the Highest Grade
Thayer Meng
18 You Can’t Serve Your People If You Don’t Know Your People
Heather Morin
19 We Are All Human!
Jennifer Combs
20 Right Place, Right Time
Tonia Dousay
21 Grow Your Circle
Jessica Edenfield
22 My Identity as an Asian/Asian-American Immigrant in the USA
Jian Liu
23 Even If You Go into Administration, Be Sure to Keep up with Your Scholarship
Anthony A. Piña
24 Don’t Let Anything Hold You Back
Jami Hornbuckle
25 The Value of Unsaid Words
Camille Dixon-Deane
26 It Can Wait
Craig Pearcy
27 Leading by Walking Next to Me
Heather Leary
28 What Can You Do with a Dollar?
Jenifer Reader
29 My Greatest Teacher
Sarah Kiefer
30 The Bunter
Wendy Ann Gentry
31 A Teachable Moment I Remember Still Years Later
Robert Sparks
32 Move On
Brad Hokanson
33 Quiet Greatness
Richard Cleveland
34 Listening Is Active
Laura Raganas
35 Turn Your Critics into Your Coaches
Joel Pace
36 ‘Take the Time to Talk It Out’: A Lesson in Leadership and Decision Making
Keith Heggart
37 These Ties Aren’t for Me
Sean Jackson
38 I’m Sorry, Who Are You?
Haoyue Zhang
39 Kids Don’t Care What Shoes You Wear
Danielle Curry
40 Shut Up
Thomas Cordingly
41 The Heart and Trust of a Mentor
Holley Handley
42 Why Whisper?
Margaret Iyengar
43 The Work Must Be Completed!
Jeremy Dempsey
44 Never Judge Batman by His Mask
Amy Eno
45 The Power of Belief
Amy Spiker
46 Building Confidence Instead of Tearing It Down
Cori Frede
47 Chipping Away at Naiveté
Barbara M. Hall
48 I Believe You Can
Connie Chuyun Hu
49 A Long Overdue ‘Thank You’ to a Great Teacher
Keith Kappes
50 People Are More Important Than Programs
Holly Harrison
51 What Will Make Your Job Easier?
Bethany Blankenship
52 Human First, Student Later: The Fine Art of Academic Advising
Sonia Tiwari
53 A Game with a Purpose
Burley R. Johnson
54 Something New
Stacy Brickell

Themes per Chapter
Anyone who teaches leadership classes, is interested in mentoring, or who mentors students themselves; as well as students in leadership courses, or anyone interested in educational leadership and growth.
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