Maps and Colours

A Complex Relationship


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Colours make the map: they affect the map’s materiality, content, and handling. With a wide range of approaches, 14 case studies from various disciplines deal with the colouring of maps from different geographical regions and periods. Connected by their focus on the (hand)colouring of the examined maps, the authors demonstrate the potential of the study of colour to enhance our understanding of the material nature and production of maps and the historical, social, geographical and political context in which they were made.

Contributors are: Diana Lange, Benjamin van der Linde, Jörn Seemann, Tomasz Panecki, Chet Van Duzer, Marian Coman, Anne Christine Lien, Juliette Dumasy-Rabineau, Nadja Danilenko, Sang-hoon Jang, Anna Boroffka, Stephanie Zehnle, Haida Liang, Sotiria Kogou, Luke Butler, Elke Papelitzky, Richard Pegg, Lucia Pereira Pardo, Neil Johnston, Rose Mitchell, and Annaleigh Margey.

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Diana Lange, Ph.D. (2008), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, is Professor of Central Asian Studies at that university. Her research is focused on the history of knowledge and exploration, material and visual culture studies, cartography, and cultural interactions.

Benjamin van der Linde, Ph.D. (2014), Universität Kiel, is a historian at the Emsländischer Heimatbund, Meppen. His research interests cover historical cartography, material culture and military history of the Early Modern period, with a focus on the Netherlands and North Germany.
This book will be of interest to historians (in particular of maps, mapping, and cartography), regional specialists, art historians, geographers, material scientists, colour researchers, collection specialists, and museum curators.
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