Mirzā ʿAli-Qoli Khoʾi: The Master Illustrator of Persian Lithographed Books in the Qajar Period. Vol. 1


Mirzā ʿAli-Qoli Khoʾi is the unsurpassed master of the art of illustration in Persian lithographed books of the Qajar period, both in terms of quality and quantity of production. In the decade of documented activity, 1263–72/1846–55, the artist produced more than 2,300 single images in about 70 books, plus hundreds of minutely executed small images on the margins of several books and numerous illuminated chapter headings. Prepared by Ulrich Marzolph together with Roxana Zenhari, the present publication is a comprehensive assessment of the artist’s work and the first ever detailed discussion of an Iranian artist of the Qajar period. In addition, the book also serves as an introduction to Persian and Islamic art.

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Ulrich Marzolph, Ph.D. (Cologne 1981), is a retired professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Göttingen, Germany. Studying the Narrative Culture of the Muslim Middle East, he has published widely, including Narrative Illustration in Persian Lithographed Books (Brill, 2001).

Roxana Zenhari, Ph.D. (Göttingen 2012), is an artist and an Islamic art historian specializing in Persian art. Her book The Persian Romance of Samak-e ʿayyār: Analysis of an Illustrated Inju Manuscript was published in 2014.
The reference work addresses all interested in Persian and Islamic art and is of prime relevance for institutes and academic libraries. In addition, it will also inspire artists and the general public.
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