The Story of Tobit

A Comparative Literary Analysis


The story of Tobit builds on various themes derived from myth, legend and folktale. Tobiah’s journey recalls Homer’s Odyssey, the suffering of the righteous brings to mind the legend of Job, and the narrative around a disgraced and then rehabilitated official evokes the story of Ahiqar. The author of Tobit seeks to exploit his readers’ knowledge of these stories in order to convey his message more effectively: he encourages them to trust in divine providence that intervenes on behalf of the faithful.
This volume, based on essays previously published in Italian, charts Tobit’s narrative sources through comparative literary analysis, firmly placing the story in the genre of the didactic and edifying religious novel.

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Giancarlo Toloni, Ph.D (2001), University of Naples “L’Orientale,” and Habilitation (2010), École Pratique des Hautes Études - Sorbonne, Paris, is Adjunct Professor of Hebrew Language and Culture and Greek Language at the Catholic University of Brescia. He has published monographs as well as many articles on biblical philology, including Jéroboam et la division du royaume (Brepols, 2017).
Scholars, researchers, postgraduate students interested in biblical studies, textual philology and palaeography, narratology and cultural memory.
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