New Rules for Victims of Armed Conflicts

Commentary on the Two 1977 Protocols Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 1949. Second Edition. Reprint revised by Michael Bothe


It is a major cultural achievement that violence in armed conflicts is restrained by international legal rules. As the nature of these conflicts changes, these rules have to be adapted accordingly in order to provide effective protection for the victims. The adoption of the two Protocols Additional to the Geneva Conventions in 1977 was a major step in this development. The authors, who were involved in the negotiation of these two treaties, give a first hand account of the meaning of the text and the intent of the negotiators. The book is, thus, an important tool to better understand and implement these treaties which have proved their salutary importance in the all too many conflicts during the last decades. The current volume is a revised reprint, with new introductory materials, of the original text published in 1982.

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Michael Bothe, Dr.iur. (Heidelberg), Professor emeritus of international law, University of Frankfurt/Main. Chair, German Commission on International Humanitarian Law. Author of numerous books and articles on international and comparative constitutional law
Preface; Abbreviations;
General Introduction and Guide to Documentation (B./P.)
Protocol I
Part I General Provisions
Part II Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked
Section I —General Protection
Section II — Medical Transportation
Section III — Missing and Dead Persons
Part III Methods and Means of Warfare
Combatant And Prisoner-of-War Status
Section I — Methods and Means of Warfare
Section II — Combatant and Prisoner-of-War Status
Part IV Civilian Population
Section I — General Protection against Effects of Hostilities
Section II — Relief in Favour of The Civilian Population
Section III — Treatment of Persons in the Power of a Party to the Conflict
Part V Execution of the Conventions and of this Protocol
Section II — Repression of Breaches of the Conventions and of this Protocol
Part VI Final Provisions
Annex I Regulations Concerning Identification
Annex II Identity Card for Journalists on Dangerous Professional Missions
Protocol II
Part I Scope of this Protocol
Part II Humane Treatment
Part III Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked
Part IV Civilian Population
Part V Final Provisions
Selective Bibliography; List Of States Signatories; Declarations Made Upon Signature; List Of States Parties; Reservations And Declarations Made Upon Ratification Or Accession; Index.

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