International and Foreign Legal Research

A Coursebook. Second Edition

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International and Foreign Legal Research: A Coursebook, by Marci Hoffman and Mary Rumsey, now in a second, revised edition, is designed for classes in foreign and international legal research. Following a general section on basic concepts, topics covered in the book range from treaty research to chapters on particular subjects of international law. Coverage also includes chapters on researching foreign and comparative law as well as major international organizations, including the UN and the EU. International and Foreign Legal Research offers a possible roadmap for structuring a class in international and foreign legal research while also serving as a tool for quick look-ups when a researcher requires direction on a topic or information on a source.

Developed for use in legal research courses, International and Foreign Legal Research is an invaluable resource for librarians, students, law professors, and other researchers in the research of foreign and international law.

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Marci Hoffman (M.L.I.S. UC-Berkeley, 1989), is the Associate Director of the Law Library at Berkeley Law. She has published several works on foreign and international legal research, including International Legal Research in a Nutshell (with Robert Berring).
Mary Rumsey (J.D., University of Chicago, 1984; M.L.I.S., Domincan University, 1998) is the Foreign, Comparative & International Law Librarian at the University of Minnesota. Recent publications include Vulnerable and Marginalised Groups and Human Rights (co-edited with David Weissbrodt, 2011).
Part I: Getting Started
Chapter 1: Introduction
I. Basic Concepts
II. Types of Legal Materials Used in Research
III. Sources of Law

Chapter 2: English Translations
I. About Translation
II. Finding Translations
III. Conclusion

Chapter 3: Effective Web Research
I. Introduction
II. Web Searching
III. Using Search Engines Effectively
IV. Blogs and Electronic Discussion Lists
V. Wikis
VI. Resource & Citation Management Tools

Part II: Commentary & Analysis
Chapter 4: Introductory and Background Sources
I. Introduction
II. Research Guides and Bibliographies
III. Abbreviations and Acronyms
IV. International and Foreign Law Terms and Phrases
V. Background Information on an International or Foreign Legal Concept
VI. Information about Foreign Legal Systems
VII. Background Information on International Organization
VIII. Journal Literature
IX. Citing International and Foreign Legal Materials
X. Current Awareness Sources

Chapter 5: Beyond Background Sources: Books, Journal Articles and More
I. Introduction
II. Bibliographic Databases and Online Catalogs
III. Journal Literature
IV. Working Papers, Reports and other Scholarly Publications

Part III: International Law
Chapter 6: Treaties and International Agreements
I. Introduction
II. US Treaties and Agreements
III. Treaties Where the United States Is Not a Party and Multilateral Treaties

Chapter 7: Customary International Law, General Principles, Judicial Decisions, Teachings
I. Introduction
A. Research Guides
B. Customary International Law
C. General Principles
D. Judicial Decisions and Writings of Publicists

Part IV: Foreign & Comparative Law
Chapter 8: Foreign Law
I. Introduction
II. Locating Primary Law
III. Case Law
IV. Other Sources of Law
V. Foreign Law Subscription Databases
VI. Citing to Foreign Law
VII. Periodical Literature and Other Sources

Chapter 9: Comparative Law
I. Introduction
II. Secondary Sources
III. In Practice
IV. Research Guides

Part V: International Organizations
Chapter 10: Introduction to IOs
I. Generally

Chapter 11: United Nations
I. Basic Concepts
II. Research Guides
III. Background Information
IV. Documents and Publications

Chapter 12 The European Union
I. Introduction
A. Sources of EU Law
B. EU Law-Making Institutions
C. European Court of Justice
D. Research Strategies and Information Sources
E. Other Useful EU Research Sources
F. Guides to EU Research

Chapter 13: Regional International Organizations (COE, AU, OSCE, OAS)
I. Council of Europe
II. African Union
III. Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe
IV. Organization of American States

Part VI: Selected International Topics
Chapter 14: Introduction
I. Researching International Topics Outline

Chapter 15: Human Rights
I. Introduction
II. Starting Points: Secondary Sources
III. Treaties and Other Human Rights Instruments
IV. Jurisprudence
V. Country Reports
VI. News Sources
VII. Blogs

Chapter 16: International Criminal Law
I. Introduction
II. Historical Research

Chapter 17: Intellectual Property
I. Introduction
II. Major Areas of IP Law

Chapter 18: International Environmental Law
I. Introduction
II. Sources of Law

Chapter 19: International Trade Law
I. Introduction
II. Foreign Investment
IV. North American Free Trade Agreement

Chapter 20: Private International Law
I. Introduction
II. International Business Transactions
III. Family Law
IV. International Litigation

Chapter 21: International Arbitration
I. Introduction
II. Getting Started
III. Treaties, Agreements, Model Laws & Rules
IV. National Law
V. Awards and Decisions
VI. Commentary
VII. Other Resources

Chapter 22: International Courts and Tribunals
I. Introduction
II. Researching Decisions
III. Practice and Procedure
IV. Parties’ Submissions
V. Research Guides
VI. Other Resources

Any law student, legal researcher, librarian, or legal scholar who needs to research foreign or international law.
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