Military Operation and Engagement in the Domestic Jurisdiction

Comparative Call-out Laws

This book scrutinises the call-out of the military in the domestic domain in a selection of 13 countries. Nation-states vary in their political-legal structures and all have their own history in the use of military personnel in domestic matters. Three recent events have resulted in increased domestic military deployment and have been experienced in most countries. In the security domain, there is the rise of Islamic State and increasing acts of terrorism, resulting in military involvement in policing. The other two have been increased humanitarian needs: the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread flooding and fires following the changes in climate. These have brought increasing military activity domestically, even in established democracies. This comparative analysis incorporates historical developments and provides a rich multidisciplinary approach from political and social scientists to lawyers and military personnel.

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Pauline Collins Ph.D. (2014), University of Queensland, is Professor of Law at University of Southern Queensland. She has published widely on military topics, including The Military as a Separate Society Consequences for Discipline in the United States and Australia (Lexington Books 2019).

Rosalie Arcala Hall Ph.D. (2002), Northeastern University (USA), is Professor of Political Science at University of the Philippines Visayas. She has published widely on civil-military relations, including Local Adaptations to Central Government Shortcomings: COVID 19 Responses in the Cities of Cebu and Iloilo (Contemporary Southeast Asia 2021).



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Notes on Contributors

part 1
The Americas
1 Force of Last Resort The Canadian Armed Forces and Domestic Military Operations
  Tyler Wentzell

2 The Legal Regulation of Missions in Latin America
  David Pion-Berlin and Rafa Martínez

3 To Execute the Laws of the Union Domestic Use of Federal Military Force in the United States
  Lindsay P. Cohn

part 2
Europe and the UK
4 Extremis Malis, Extrema Remedia The Deployment of the Belgian Armed Forces in Case of a Domestic Emergency
  Jens Claerman

5 Military Engagement in the Domestic Jurisdiction of the Czech Republic
  Veronika Bílková and Petra Ditrichová

6 Regulatory Developments Related to the Role of the Armed Forces in Spain (1975–2020)
  Enriqueta Expósito

7 Military Call-Out Powers and Civil-Military Relations The Case of Turkey
  Ayfer Genç Yılmaz and Onur Ağkaya

8 Britain’s Army at Home
  Marc de Vore and Patrick Finnegan

part 3
Asia Pacific
9 Calling out Defence Personnel in Civilian Security Matters in Australia
  Pauline Collins

10 The Law and Politics of Military Callouts in Indonesia’s Counterterrorism
  Jun Honna

11 Is It Really Our Job? Reassessing the Domestic Mobilisation of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces (jsdf)
  Saya Kiba

12 Pandemic and Beyond Domestic Deployment of the Philippines Military for Call-Out Operations
  Rosalie Arcala-Hall

13 Military Supremacy over Domestic Security Laws and Operations The Case of Thailand
  Paul Chambers


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