"Into Life." Franz Rosenzweig on Knowledge, Aesthetics, and Politics


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The articles collected in "Into Life." Franz Rosenzweig on Knowledge, Aesthetics, and Politics focus on the significance of Franz Rosenzweig's work far beyond the realms of theology and philosophy of religion. They engage with a wide range of issues in philosophy and offer new insights, both by presenting an array of unpublished and underestimated sources and by bringing Rosenzweig's thought into dialogue with new approaches and interlocutors, such as Stanley Cavell, William Alston, Carl Schmitt, and Martin Heidegger. The result is a refreshing and original perspective on the work of one of the most significant thinkers of the twentieth century.

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Antonios Kalatzis (PhD Berlin, 2014) is a research associate at the Centre Marc Bloch for Humanities and Social Sciences in Berlin. He has published contributions on German Idealism and on German-Jewish Philosophy.
Enrico Lucca (PhD Milan, 2012) is a research associate at the Leibniz Institute for Jewish History — Simon Dubnow in Leipzig. He has published contributions on European Jewish thought and on the history of Jewish cultural institutions in Mandate Palestine.
Notes on Contributors

  Antonios Kalatzis and Enrico Lucca

1 Translating, Interpreting the Bible, Fighting Satan
Rosenzweig, Scholem, and the End of Their Correspondence (with Three Unpublished Letters from Scholem to Rosenzweig)
  Enrico Lucca

2 From Jena to Jerusalem — Judaism as a Method
  Gesine Palmer

3 Content, Form and Method in the Star of Redemption’s “New Theological Rationalism”
  Roy Amir

4 The Ins and Outs of Rosenzweig’s Religious Epistemology from the Perspective of 21st Century Theological Reflection
  Cass Fisher


5 Episodic Genius
Autonomous Artistic Agency in the Star of Redemption
  Antonios Kalatzis

6 “Art Must Become Pious or End”
Franz Rosenzweig’s Aesthetic Theory of Heteronomy
  Christoph Kasten

7 To Affirm the World
Realist Ontology and Aesthetics in Franz Rosenzweig’s Star of Redemption and Stanley Cavell’s the World Viewed
  Bruce Rosenstock

part 3
8 Hermann Cohen and Franz Rosenzweig on Individuality and Moral Agency
  Beate Ulrike La Sala

9 Franz Rosenzweig’s Writings on War Politics, History, and the Globalization of the World
  Roberto Navarrete Alonso

10 From State to Star Contemporary Reflections on Franz Rosenzweig’s Journey from History to Identity
  Eveline Goodman-Thau

11 Nomadism, Homelessness, and the Homecoming of the Poet Rosenzweig and Heidegger in Conversation
  Elliot R. Wolfson

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This volume makes a valuable instrument not only for Rosenzweig scholars, but also for all interested in the range the book sets out of Epistemology, Aesthetics, Moral Philosophy, and Neo-Kantianism.
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