Michele Ruggieri’s Tianzhu shilu (The True Record of the Lord of Heaven, 1584)


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The True Record of the Lord of Heaven (Tianzhu shilu, 1584) by the Jesuit missionary Michele Ruggieri was the first Chinese-language work ever published by a European. Despite being published only a few years after Ruggieri started learning Chinese, it evinced sophisticated strategies to accommodate Christianity to the Chinese context and was a pioneering work in Sino-Western exchange. This book features a critical edition of the Chinese and Latin texts, which are both translated into English for the first time. An introduction, biography, and rich annotations are provided to situate this text in its cultural and intellectual context.

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Daniel Canaris received his Ph.D. from the University of Sydney in 2017 and is a DECRA Research Fellow in the School of Languages and Cultures at the University of Sydney. He has published widely on Sino-Western cultural exchange, including Vico and China (Voltaire Foundation, 2020).
'This annotated translation establishes a new milestone in scholarship on Michele Ruggieri, co-founder of the Jesuit China mission. Through a painstaking and judicious analysis of sources in multiple European and Asian languages, Canaris unveils many previously unknown or underappreciated facets of Ruggieri’s journey, character, missionary approach, and Sinological scholarship.'
Qiong Zhang, Associate Professor, Dept. of History, Wake Forest University
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Daniel Canaris
 1 Rediscovering Ruggieri
 2 The Composition of the Tianzhu shilu
 3 Tianzu shilu and the Catechism Genre
 4 The Reception of the Tianzu shilu
 5 The Revised Edition Published under the Vice-Provincial Francisco Furtado
 6 This Present Edition and Translation

The Life of Michele Ruggieri
Wang Huiyu 王慧宇 and Daniel Canaris
 1 Before China
 2 China
 3 Ruggieri’s Return to Europe

Critical Edition of the True Record of the Lord of Heaven 新編西竺國天主實錄 / The Newly Revised True Record of the Lord of Heaven from Western India
天主實錄引 / Preface to the True Record of the Lord of Heaven
新編西竺國天主實錄目錄 / Contents of the Newly Revised True Record of the Lord of Heaven from Western India
真有一位天主 / Chapter 1: There Truly Is One Lord of Heaven
天主事情 / Chapter 2: Attributes of the Lord of Heaven
觧釋世人冐認天主 / Chapter 3: Explanation of People’s Misconceptions about the Lord of Heaven
天主制作天地人物 / Chapter 4: The Creation of the World
天人啞噹章 / Chapter 5: The Angels and Adam
論人魂不滅大異禽獸 / Chapter 6: Discussion on How the Immortal Human Soul (renhun 人魂) Differs from the Animal Soul
觧釋魂歸四䖏 / Chapter 7: Explanation of the Four Places Where the Soul Goes
自古及今天主止有降其規誡三端 / Chapter 8: The Lord of Heaven Has Only Sent Down His Law on Three Occasions from Antiquity to This Day
天主賦人第三次之規誡 / Chapter 9: The Commandments That the Lord of Heaven Gave to People the Third Time
觧釋第三次與人規誡事情 / Chapter 10: Explanation of the Third Law Given to People
觧釋人當誠信天主事實 / Chapter 11: Explanation of the Truths about the Lord of Heaven That People Must Earnestly Believe
天主十誡 / Chapter 12: The Ten Commandments of the Lord of Heaven
觧釋第一面碑文 / Chapter 13: Explanation of the First Side of the Tablet
觧釋天主第二碑文中有七條事情 / Chapter 14: Explanation of the Seven Commandments on the Other Side of the Tablet
觧釋僧道誠心修行升天之正道 / Chapter 15: Explanation of the Orthodox Way Preached by the Monk for Earnest Ascetic Practice and Ascending to Heaven
觧釋淨水除前罪 / Chapter 16: Explanation of How Cleansing Water Removes Sin

Vera et brevis divinarum rerum expositio / True and Brief Exposition of Divine Things
PROOEMIUM / Introduction
Index Capitum / Index of Chapters
CAPUT PRIMUM. Ostenditur unum esse Deum / Demonstration That God Is One
CAPUT SECUNDUM. De divinis virtutibus / On the Divine Virtues
CAPUT TERTIUM. Declarantur huiusmodi errores circa Dei cognitionem / Proclamation of the Errors about the Knowledge of God
CAPUT QUARTUM. Agitur de his quae pertinent ad Deum omnium creatorem, et disseritur de rerum creatione / On the Things That Pertain to God as Creator of All Things and on the Creation of the World
CAPUT QUINTUM. Agitur de eventu angelorum, et primorum parentum / On the Fall of the Angels and of the First Parents
CAPUT SEXTUM. Ostenditur animum esse immortalem / Demonstration That the Soul Is Immortal
CAPUT SEPTIMUM. Agitur de ijs quae pertinent ad Deum legislatorem et quoties lex divina promulgata fuerit / About Those Things Pertaining to God as Legislator and How Many Times the Divine Law Has Been Promulgated
CAPUT OCTAVUM. Prosequitur Christianus tertiae legis divinae promulgationem, et Deum assumpsisse naturam humanam exponit / The Christian Continues the Proclamation of the Third Divine Law and Explains That God Assumed Human Nature
CAPUT NONUM. De articulis fidei / On the Articles of Faith
CAPUT DECIMUM. De christianae legis mandatis / On the Commandments of the Christian Law
CAPUT UNDECIMUM. De Consilijs a Christo propositis / On the Counsels Proposed by Christ
CAPUT DUODECIMUM. De Sacramentis a Christo institutis / On the Sacraments Instituted by Christ
CAPUT DECIMUMTERTIUM. Agitur de Deo quatenus remunerator est / On God as Redeemer

Appendix: True Record of the Holy Religion of the Lord of Heaven
天主聖敎實錄總目 / Contents of “A True Record of the Holy Religion of the Lord of Heaven”
天主聖性章 / Chapter 7: Divine Nature of the Lord of Heaven
解釋魂歸五所章 / Chapter 8: The Five Places Where Souls Return
解釋人當誠信天主事實章 / Chapter 11: Explanation of the Truths about the Lord of Heaven That People Must Believe

Early modern historians, Renaissance specialists, Sinologists, missionaries, historians of the Jesuit China mission.
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