Blowflies (Diptera, Calliphoridae) of Fennoscandia and Denmark


The Calliphoridae are a widespread family of insects of great medical, veterinary and forensic importance. They encompass, among others, the familiar greenbottle and bluebottle filth flies.
The book presents a taxonomic revision of the blowflies of Fennoscandia and Denmark. Keys and diagnoses, descriptions, summaries of distribution and biology are given for all taxa. Male and female genitalia are illustrated in great detail. The nomenclature is revised and numerous new specific and generic synonymies are established. Full references to the primary literature are given. A new subfamily classification of the world Calliphoridae is proposed on the basis of cladistic principles. The definition and higher classification of the family and related groups are discussed.

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Knut Rognes (Ph.D., 1988) has been Lecturer in Natural Science at Stavanger College of Education, Norway since 1976. His main interests lie in the field of taxonomy of calyptrate flies, phylogenetic systematics (cladistics). He has published several papers on the higher fly fauna of Norway.
The work is aimed both at the novice in the field of higher Diptera studies as well as the expert taxonomist. It will be of great value for medical, veterinary and forensic entomologists, and is an essential source of information to anyone engaged in evolutionary studies of Diptera.