The Theological Profile of the Peshitta of Isaiah


In The Theological Profile of the Peshitta of Isaiah, Attila Bodor explores theological elements in the book of Isaiah as represented in the Peshitta. Through a close study of its interpretative renderings, the author shows that this lesser-known ancient version is not only an important witness to textual history and a repository of early exegetical traditions but also testifies to the beliefs of the early Syriac-speaking community from which the Peshitta emerged. In the monograph, sixty-three Peshitta divergences from the Hebrew version of Isaiah are collected and analyzed in order to illustrate the theological implications and the impact of these divergent renderings on the interpretation and reception of the major Isaianic themes that treat God, the Messiah, and the people of God.

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Attila Bodor, S.S.D. (2020), Pontifical Biblical Institute, is a part-time lecturer in biblical languages and studies at the Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania. He has published articles on the Hebrew Bible and its ancient versions in journals such as Vetus Testamentum and Aramaic Studies.

1 Introduction
 1 Previous Research
 2 Present Study
 3 Summary

2 The Representation of God
 1 Divine Attributes
 2 Divine Acts
 3 Monotheism
 4 Conclusion

3 The Representation of the Messiah
 1 Messianism in the Book of Isaiah
 2 The Peshitta Rendering of the “Messianic Triptych”: Isaiah 7, 9, and 11
 3 Messianism in the Isaiah Apocalypse
 4 Messianism in the Suffering Servant Song
 5 Other Messianic Passages
 6 Conclusion

4 Some Aspects of the Representation of the People of God
 1 Judah and Israel
 2 Israel and the Nations
 3 The Lives of People
 4 Conclusion

5 Conclusion
 1 The Theological Intention of the Translator and the Theological Implications of the Translation
 2 The Theological Profile of the Peshitta of Isaiah
 3 The Peshitta of Isaiah as an “Almost” Faithful Translation

6 Excursus on the Origin of the Peshitta of Isaiah
 1 Assessment of Studies on the Origin of the Peshitta of Isaiah
 2 Assessment of Studies on the Origin of the Peshitta of the Old Testament
 3 Conclusion

Index of Modern Authors
Index of Ancient Sources
Index of P-Isaiah Passages Analyzed
Scholars of the ancient versions of the Hebrew Bible, especially the Peshitta, as well as those interested in textual criticism, exegesis, and the early reception history of Isaiah.
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