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Studies on the History of Central Asian Religions in Honor of Devin DeWeese


The volume's unifying theme, inspired by the scholarly legacy of Professor Devin DeWeese, and indeed the subject of all the contributions, is the history of religion among the Muslim peoples of Inner and Central Asia, grounded in ignored or hitherto unknown indigenous sources. Individually, and as a whole, the articles pay tribute to DeWeese’s pathbreaking contributions to the disciplines of history and religious studies by exploring new approaches and new sources to build on this legacy. The volume pays particular attention to DeWeese's point d'appui: the centrality of Sufism in the region's religious, social, and literary history.
The volume’s focus is thus twofold: to bring a new set of rich, largely unused materials into the scholarly domain among specialists on Central Asia, and to challenge historians of Islam to recognize that understanding the religious history of Central Asia, and Sufism in particular, is crucial in evaluating the Islamic world as a whole.

Peter B. Golden, Jürgen Paul, Ron Sela, Nicholas Walmsley, Jo-Ann Gross, Daniel Beben, Jeff Eden, Jamal Elias, Michael Kemper, Paolo Sartori, Eren Tasar, Stéphane A. Dudoignon, Allen J. Frank

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Eren Tasar, Ph.D. (2010), Harvard University, has published widely on Islam in Soviet Central Asia. His publications include Soviet and Muslim: the Institutionalization of Islam in Central Asia (Oxford, 2017).
Allen J. Frank, Ph.D. (1994), Indiana University, has published widely on the history of Muslim communities in Russia and Central Asia. His publications include Gulag Miracles: Sufis and Stalinist Repression in Kazakhstan (Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2019).
Jeff Eden, Ph.D. (2016) Harvard University, is Assistant Professor of History at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. His books include God Save the USSR: Soviet Muslims and the Second World War (Oxford, 2021) and Slavery and Empire in Central Asia (Cambridge, 2018).
This volume will be of interest for Central Asia specialists; graduate students and advanced undergraduates; and library collections in Central Asian history, Islam, Persian and Turkic literature, and Silk Road civilizations.
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