The Srōš Drōn - Yasna 3 to 8

A Critical Edition with Ritual Commentaries and Glossary


This book is a multi-faceted study of the Srōš Drōn, comprising chapters 3 to 8 of the Yasna ceremony, the core ritual of the Zoroastrian religion. It provides a critical edition produced with the electronic tools of the project The Multimedia Yasna, and a study of the performative aspects of the Srōš Drōn both through the lens of the ritual directions and in comparison with the Drōn Yašt ceremony.
By analysing the Srōš Drōn both as a text attested in manuscripts and as a ritual performance, Céline Redard applies a new approach to unlock the meaning of these chapters of the Yasna.

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Pages: 1–3
Ritual Directions
Pages: 114–180
Yasna 3
Pages: 183–193
Yasna 4
Pages: 194–206
Yasna 5
Pages: 207–208
Yasna 6
Pages: 209–216
Yasna 7
Pages: 217–227
Yasna 8
Pages: 228–232
Yasna 3
Pages: 236–287
Yasna 4
Pages: 288–350
Yasna 5
Pages: 351–358
Yasna 6
Pages: 359–396
Yasna 7
Pages: 397–448
Yasna 8
Pages: 449–466
Avestan Glossary
Pages: 469–512
Middle Persian Glossary
Pages: 513–517
Pages: 527–539
Index of Words
Pages: 540
Index of Passages
Pages: 541–543
Céline Redard, Ph.D. (2010), Postdoctoral Researcher at SOAS, University of London. Her main publications include Introduction à l’avestique récent (with A. Cantera, 2019); Vidēvdād 19. Le récit de la Victoire de Zaraϑuštra sur Aŋhra Maińiiu (2021), and several edited volumes and articles.
Scholars and general readers with an interest in Zoroastrianism, textual criticism, linguistics, Avestan, ritual studies, and in the history of religions.
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