Yearbook of Chinese Theology (2021)


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The Yearbook of Chinese Theology is an international, ecumenical and fully peer-reviewed annual that covers Chinese Christianity in the areas of Biblical Studies, Church History, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, and Comparative Religions. It offers genuine Chinese theological research previously unavailable in English, by top scholars in the study of Christianity in China. The 2021 volume highlights the five-disciplines of Sino-Western Studies and its guest editor is Bin You. The authors are Jian Cao, Xiaochun Hong, Paulos Huang, Hui Liang, Peiquan Lin, Zhenhua Meng, Lina Rong, Yexiang Qiu, Dongsheng Ren, Thomas Qinghe Xiao, Yanyan Xiong, Bin You and Changping Zha.

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Paulos Huang, Ph.D. (1996, Univ. of Helsinki) & Th.D. (2006, Univ. of Helsinki), Post-Doctor (2000, Univ. of Tokyo), is Distinguished Professor at Sino-European Center in Shanghai University, and Chief editor of International Journal of Sino-Western Studies (, and Guest Professor in over ten universities in China. He is the author of Confronting Confucian Understanding of Christian Doctrine of Salvation (Brill, 2009), and Chinese academic monographies on Sino-Christian Academic Theology, Biblical Theology, Dialogical Theology between Christianity and Chinese Culture, the Da Guoxue (National Studies). Presently Paulos is concentrating on the study of Martin Luther and translating his ten works into Chinese.
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Notes on Contributors

Editorial: Is the Hebrew Bible Literature, a Humanistic Document, the Word of God, or a Record of God–Human Interaction?
 A Dialogue on Biblical Studies between Paulos Huang and Archie Lee
Paulos Z. Huang and Archie Lee

part 1: Systematic Theology and Chinese Humanities

1 Building a Discipline of the Bible with a Chinese Contextual Awareness
Bin You

2 A Commentary History of the Old Testament in Modern China
Jian Cao

part 2: Practical Theology in Chinese Context

3 Exploring a Theology of Relationships from a Biblical Perspective in the Context of China
Lina Rong

4 Knowledge and Reception of the Chinese Translations of the Bible: Evidence from the Christians of Nanjing City
Zhenhua Meng, Yanyan Xiong and Peiquan Lin

part 3: Church History in China

5 The Paradox between the Universality and the Westernization of Christianity in the Thought of Protestant Missionaries in 19th-Century China
Yexiang Qiu

6 God speaks in Chinese: The Reception and Translation of the Bible in China
Hui Liang

part 4: Biblical and Scriptural Studies

7 New Testament Studies in Mainland China: A Retrospect and Prospect
Minhua Jing

8 The Early Indigenized Strategies Applied to the Chinese Bible Translation by Catholic Missionaries Jean Basset and Louis A. de Poirot
Xiaochun Hong

part 5: Comparative Religious and Cultural Studies

9 Theoretical Insights into Chinese Bible Translation
Dongsheng Ren

10 The Great Commission: The Greek Text and Its Translations
Changping Zha (查常平)

part 6: A Review and Academic Report

11 News Report on the Seminar on Quest of the Missing Martin Luther in the Intellectual History, Held by the Sino-European Center at Shanghai University
Thuomas Qinghe XIAO
All interested in the study of Christianity in China, Theology, Inter-religious Dialogue, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Sinology, and Sociology of Religion in the international scholarly world, including China.
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