Paul and the Rhetoric of Resurrection

1 Corinthians 15 as Insinuatio


Have you ever wondered why Paul leaves the resurrection discussion in 1 Corinthians 15 for the end of the letter? Have you pondered how 1 Corinthians 15 functions as the climax to 1 Corinthians? This book answers those questions by exploring insinuatio, the Greco-Roman rhetorical convention used to address prejudiced or controversial topics—like resurrection—at the end of a discourse. This is the most thorough treatment of insinuatio in Biblical and Classical studies to date. It examines the Greco-Roman rhetorical handbooks and speeches on insinuatio, compares them to what Paul does in 1 Corinthians 15, and finds that this was precisely Paul’s rhetorical strategy in 1 Corinthians.

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Timothy J. Christian (Ph.D., Asbury Theological Seminary) is Adjunct Professor of Christian Studies & Philosophy at Asbury University and Associate Pastor of Wesley UMC in Canton, IL. He has published many articles and reviews, notably in Biblical Interpretation and RBL.

 Introduction and Theoretical Framework
 The Task, Research Problems, Needed Solutions, and Purpose
 Structural Design

1 First Corinthians 15 as Climax
 1.1 First Corinthians 15 as Climax
 1.2 The Major Proponents of the Climax Proposal
 1.3 Summary

2 The Historical Approach to Rhetorical Criticism
 2.1 Definitions of Rhetoric and Rhetorical Criticism
 2.2 Defense of Rhetorical Criticism for Paul’s Epistles
 2.3 Method Issues in the Historical Approach to Rhetorical Criticism
 2.4 Historical Rhetorical Criticism: Methodological Procedure

3 Insinuatio in the Greco-Roman Rhetorical Handbooks
 3.1 Introduction to Insinuatio
 3.2 Insinuatio in Greek Rhetorical Theory
 3.3 Insinuatio in Roman Rhetorical Theory
 3.4 Summary of Insinuatio in Greek and Roman Rhetorical Theory

4 Insinuatio in the Greco-Roman Orations
 4.1 Introduction to Greco-Roman Rhetorical Practice
 4.2 Insinuatio in Greek Rhetorical Practice
 4.3 Insinuatio in Roman Rhetorical Practice
 4.4 Summary of Insinuatio in Greco-Roman Rhetorical Practice
 4.5 Synthesis

5 Insinuatio in 1 Corinthians
 5.1 Preliminary Issues
 5.2 Pieces to the Puzzle: Revisiting the Major Proponents
 5.3 The Final Piece to the Puzzle: 1 Cor 15 as Insinuatio
 5.4 Conclusion: The Puzzle Solved?

6 Paul and the Rhetoric of Resurrection
 6.1 The Contributions
 6.2 The Implications
 6.3 For Further Study
 6.4 Paul and the Rhetoric of Resurrection
 Greco-Roman Primary Sources
 General Sources
Index of Rhetorical Terms
Index of Ancient and Other Sources
Index of Scripture References
Readers will be scholars on Paul, 1 Corinthians, and New Testament rhetoric. Graduate and post-graduate students will also be interested along with academic libraries at universities, colleges, and seminaries.
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