The Aphidoidea (Hemiptera) of Fennoscandia and Denmark, Volume 4. Family Aphididae: Part 1 of Tribe Macrosiphini of Subfamily Aphidinae


This volume treats part of the tribe Macrosiphini (family Aphididae, subfamily Aphidinae) with keys (also to genera of Macrosiphini to be treated in volumes 5 and 6) and decriptions of genera and species occuring in Scandinavia or expected to be found there in the future, with notes on distribution and biology and several drawings.
An introduction to the tribe is given. The author does not agree with any proposed way to subdivide it into subtribes, but the sequence of genera is rather traditional, beginning with Anuraphis, Brachycaudus, Dysaphis and supposed relatives. This volume treats also the Brevicoryne-group, Coloradoa, Cavariella a.o. ending with some moss aphids. The Myzus-and Nasonovia- groups and part of the Macrosiphum-group will be treated in the fifth volume, the remaining part of the latter and the Megoura- group in the sixth volume together with the family Lachnidae.
The book can be used for determination and gives a survey of the recent knowledge of taxonomy, biology and distribution. Like the other volumes it contains a catalogue showing occurrence of the species in Scandinavia, Britain and North Germany. A host plant list to all species will be given in the sixth volume.
The first three volumes treated 1) general morphology, taxonomy and biology of aphids, Mindaridae, Hormaphididae, Thelaxidae, Anoeciidae and Pemphigidae, 2) Drepanosiphidae (incl. Chaitophorinae) and 3) part of Aphididae (Pterocommatinae and Aphidini within Aphidinae).

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Ole E. Heie Ph.D. in Biology (1951), University of Copenhagen, is Professor of Biology at the Institute of Biology, the Royal Danish School of Educational Studies, Copenhagen, since 1981. He is the author of about 130 publications, including text- and handbooks on evolutionary biology, taxonomy, biotechnology, social insects, aphidology and biological education.
Zoological institutes, academic libraries, specialists, students.
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