The Crucible of Revolutionary and Napoleonic Warfare and European Transitions to Modern Economic Growth


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Historiographically this book rests on the fact that European transitions to modern economic growth were obstructed and promoted by the Revolution in France and 15 years of geopolitical conflict sustained by Napoleon in order to establish French Hegemony over the states and economies of Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal and overseas commerce.

The chapters reveal that their authors concerns to analyse both the nature and significance of connections between geopolitical and economic forces lend coherence to a collaborative endeavour utilising comparative methods to address a mega question. What might be plausibly concluded about the economic costs and the benefits of this protracted conjuncture of Revolutionary and Napoleonic Warfare?

Contributors are: Patrick Karl O’Brien, Loïc Charles, Guillaume Daudin, Silvia Marzagalli, Marjolein ’t Hart, Johan Joor, Mark Dincecco, Giovanni Federico, Leandro Prados de la Escosura, Carlos Santiago-Caballero, Cristina Moreira, Jaime Reis, Rita Martins de Sousa, and Peter M.Solar.

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Patrick Karl O’Brien (D.Phil.Oxon.1966), FBA, FRHS, FRSA. His academic career as a lecturer, reader and Professor of Economic History and Director of the Institute of Historical Research has been spent at the universities of London and Oxford. He has published 5 and edited 16 books and more 100 articles in this field.
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1 Exploring Connections between the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, State Formation and the Growth of European Economies
  Patrick Karl O’Brien

2 Britain’s Wars with France 1793–1815 and Their Contribution to the Consolidation of Its Industrial Revolution 22
  Patrick Karl O’Brien

3 In the Epicentre of the Storm? The Effects of the Revolution and Warfare on the French Economy, 1789–1815
  Loïc Charles, Guillaume Daudin and Silvia Marzagalli

4 War, State Growth, and Germany’s Transition to Post-Malthusian Growth
  Ulrich Pfister

5 Revolutionary Wars and Economic Change in the New State of the Netherlands, 1795–1815
  Marjolein ‘t Hart and Johan Joor

6 Napoleon in Italy A Legacy of Institutional Reform?
  Mark Dincecco and Giovanni Federico

7 The Napoleonic Wars A Watershed in Spanish History
  Leandro Prados de la Escosura and Carlos Santiago-Caballero

8 Portugal’s French Wars Cost, Loss, Missed Opportunities? 1793–1850
  Cristina Moreira, Jaime Reis and Rita Martins de Sousa

9 The Long-Term Effects of the French and Napoleonic Warson the Global Economy
  Peter M. Solar

Index 283

All interested in the history of Napoleonic operational warfare, the rise and fall of Napoleon’s warfare, and his impact on economic history.
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