Aramaic Bowl Spells

Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume Two


The corpus of Aramaic magic bowls from Sasanian Mesopotamia is perhaps the most important source we have for studying the everyday beliefs and practices of the Jewish, Christian, Mandaean, Manichaean, Zoroastrian and Pagan communities on the eve of the Islamic conquests. The bowls published in this volume are from the Schøyen Collection, which has over 650 texts in Jewish Babylonian Aramaic, Mandaic and Syriac, and forms the largest collection of its kind in the world. This volume presents editions of fifty-five Jewish Babylonian Aramaic texts, with accompanying introductions, translations, philological notes, photographs and indices. The themes covered are magical seals and signet-rings. It is the second in a multi-volume project that aims to publish the Schøyen Collection of magic bowls.

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Shaul Shaked, PhD (1964) in Iranian languages, SOAS, is Schwarzmann University Professor (Emeritus) in Comparative Religion at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has published extensively in the fields of Semitic and Iranian philology, Zoroastrianism and Judaism, and received the Israel Prize for Linguistics in 2000.

James Nathan Ford, PhD (2003) in Ugaritic magic, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is Associate Professor in Semitic Languages at Bar-Ilan University. His research interests include Semitic philology and ancient near eastern and Jewish magic. He received the American Oriental Society’s Jonas C. Greenfield Prize for Younger Semitists in 2000.

Siam Bhayro, PhD (2000) in Semitic Languages, UCL, is Associate Professor in Early Jewish Studies at the University of Exeter. His research interests include the Bible, Semitic philology, early Judaism, and medicine and magic in the Christian and Islamic orient.
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List of Other Bowls

Introduction. Seals: Function and Meaning
Shaul Shaked

Note on qnyynʾ “property” and qynʾ “family”

I.3 Seals


I.3.1 Seven Seals

JBA 65 (MS 1911/1)

JBA 66 (MS 1927/46)

JBA 67 (MS 2053/56)

JBA 68 (MS 2053/57)

JBA 69 (MS 2053/90)

JBA 70 (MS 2053/92)

JBA 71 (MS 2053/113)

JBA 72 (MS 2053/119)

JBA 73 (MS 2053/126)

JBA 74 (MS 2053/131)

JBA 75 (MS 2053/139)

JBA 76 (MS 2053/143)

JBA 77 (MS 2053/153)

JBA 78 (MS 2053/187)

JBA 79 (MS 2053/201)

JBA 80 (MS 2053/221)

I.3.2 The Seals of Ashmedai

JBA 81 (MS 1927/36)

JBA 82 (MS 2053/39)

JBA 83 (MS 2053/121)

JBA 84 (MS 2053/144)

JBA 85 (MS 2053/147)

JBA 86 (MS 2053/226)

I.3.3 The Seal of Yokabar Ziwa

JBA 87 (MS 2053/47)

JBA 88 (MS 2053/248)

I.3.4 The Bond of the Lion and the Seal of the Dragon

JBA 89 (MS 1929/2)

I.3.5 Seven Bonds and Eight Seals

JBA 90 (MS 2053/125)

I.4 Signet-Rings


I.4.1 The Signet-Ring of Solomon

I.4.1.1 The Lilith Gannav(at)/Gannaqat

JBA 91 (MS 1927/38)

JBA 92 (MS 1927/54)

JBA 93 (MS 2053/15)

JBA 94 (MS 2053/51)

JBA 95 (MS 2053/69)

JBA 96 (MS 2053/94)

JBA 97 (MS 2053/104)

JBA 98 (MS 2053/140)

JBA 99 (MS 2053/173)

JBA 100 (MS 2053/211)

JBA 101 (MS 2053/215)

I.4.1.2 From Ashmedai and from All His Army

JBA 102 (MS 1929/11)

JBA 103 (MS 2053/196)

JBA 104 (MS 2053/238)

I.4.1.3 The Bond and Seal of Arion Son of Zank

JBA 105 (MS 1928/22)

JBA 106 (MS 1928/38)

I.4.1.4 Other Spell Units

JBA 107 (MS 1929/7)

JBA 108 (MS 2053/218)

JBA 109 (MS 2053/230)

JBA 110 (MS 2053/240)

I.4.2 The Signet-Ring of El Shaddai

JBA 111 (MS 1929/13)

JBA 112 (MS 2053/84)

I.4.3 The Signet-Ring of ʿwrbyd

JBA 113 (MS 1927/14)

JBA 114 (MS 2053/45)

JBA 115 (MS 2053/129)

I.4.4 Other Signet-Rings

JBA 116 (MS 1927/50)

JBA 117 (MS 2053/59)

JBA 118 (MS 2053/88)

JBA 119 (MS 2053/142)

List of Divine Names, Names of Angels, Demons and Exemplary Figures, and nomina barbara
List of Clients and Adversaries
List of Biblical Quotations
List of Texts
List of Published Works in the Manuscripts in the Schøyen Collection Series
All interested in Aramaic and Semitics, as well as those interested in the history and religion of the Near East in Late Antiquity and magic in general.
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