Handbook of Divination and Prognostication in China

Part One: Introduction to the Field


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This is the first comprehensive book that presents the manifold aspects of divination and prognostication in traditional and modern China, from the early period of oracle bones to present-day fortune-tellers. It introduces what is out there in the field of Chinese divination and prognostication, and how we can further explore it especially through different disciplines. Eminent specialists outline the classifications of divination, recently excavated texts, the relationship between practitioners and clients, the place of the “occult” arts in cosmology, literature and religion, and the bureaucratic system.
Contributors are: Constance Cook, Richard J. Smith, Marc Kalinowski, Stephen R. Bokenkamp, Lü Lingfeng, Liao Hsien-huei, Philip Clart, Fabrizio Pregadio, Esther-Maria Guggenmos, Andrew Schonebaum, and Stéphanie Homola.

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Michael Lackner, Dr. phil. (1983), University of Munich, is Professor of Chinese at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. He has published monographs, edited volumes and many articles on Chinese intellectual history, including Coping with the Future. Theories and Practices of Divination in East Asia (Brill, 2018).
Zhao Lu, Dr. phil. (2013), University of Pennsylvania, is Assistant Professor of Global China Studies at New York University Shanghai. Working on Chinese intellectual and cultural history, he is the author of In Pursuit of the Great Peace (SUNY, 2019) and the coauthor (with Brandon Dotson and Constance Cook) of Dice and Gods on the Silk Road (Brill, 2021).
"The volume is well organized, thoughtfully introduced, and contains several massive and highly authoritative contributions that may serve as the starting point for new comparativist or sinological research. It also includes brief papers (Clart; Bokenkamp; Homola) that may interest undergraduates on their way into Chinese religion."
– Barbara Hendrischke, Religious Studies Review 48.3 (September 2022)
Sinologists, those interested in Chinese Studies; specialists of divination in the Ancient and Modern World; specialists in esotericism.
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