Plato’s Cratylus

Proceedings of the Eleventh Symposium Platonicum Pragense


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The present volume offers a collection of papers on one of Plato’s most intriguing dialogues. Although not a running commentary, the book covers the majority of difficult questions raised by the dialogue in which the subjects of language and ontology are tied closely together. It shows why Plato’s Cratylus has been highly regarded among readers interested in ancient philosophy and those concerned with modern semantics and theory of language. This collection also presents original views on the position of the dialogue in the whole Plato’s œuvre and in the context of Plato’s contemporaries and successors.

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Vladimír Mikeš, Ph.D. (2009), Charles University in Prague, is a researcher at the Czech Academy of Sciences (Institute of Philosophy). He has published on ancient philosophy, mainly Plato and the Stoics, including Le paradoxe stoïcien: liberté de l’action déterminée (Vrin, 2016).
Preface – Making Sense of the Cratylus


List of Tables

1 The Opening of Plato’s Cratylus A Prelude to a Socratic Reading of the Dialogue
  Steffen Lund Jørgensen

2 Why the Cratylus Matters, or Plato’s Cratylus and the Philosophy of Language
  Francesco Ademollo

3 Intentionality and Referentiality in Plato’s Cratylus
  Francesco Aronadio

4 What Remains of Socrates’ Naturalist Theory Once Conventionalism Is Accepted
  Vladimír Mikeš

5 Forms and Names On Cratylus 389a5–390a10
  Anna Pavani

6 Platons Theologie der Götternamen
  Jakub Jinek

7 Commerce, Theft and Deception The Etymology of Hermes in Plato’s Cratylus
  Olof Pettersson

8 Gorgias and the Cratylus
  Mariapaola Bergomi

9 Quelques Différences entre le Cratyle et le Sophiste
  Frédérique Ildefonse

10 A Theory of Language between the Cratylus, the Theaetetus and the Sophist
  Filip Karfík


This book should be of interest for specialists as well as advanced students in ancient philosophy and modern theory of language.
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