Reading Śiva

An Illustrated Selection from the ABIA Online Bibliography on the Arts and Material Culture of South and Southeast Asia


Reading Śiva is an illustrated bibliography on the Hindu god Śiva in the arts, crafts, coins, seals and inscriptions from South and Southeast Asia. It results from a century of ABIA bibliographic work and covers over 1500 academic publications since 1672. This scholarly and multi-disciplinary volume offers keyword-indexed annotations. The detailed indices on authors, geographic terms and subjects enable an easy search through the data. Links with the entries to resource repositories (such as JSTOR, Persée, Project MUSE,, ResearchGate and the Internet Archive) and links added to the sumptuous illustrations immediately take you to these resource sites.

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Ellen M. Raven, PhD (1991) Leiden University, is lecturer in South Asian arts and material culture and editor for the ABIA bibliography since 1996. Her research focuses on iconography and numismatics of India, in particular the gold coins of the Guptas.

Gerda Theuns-de Boer, MA (1990), Utrecht University, is an art historian for South and Southeast Asian art, and editor for the ABIA bibliography since 2003. She is an independent scholar and guest curator for early photography and textiles projects.
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Bibliographical Records

Part 1: Archaeology

The Liṅgam

Illustrations ‘The Liṅgam’

Part 2: Arts

Śiva Benign and Wrathful

Illustrations ‘Śiva Benign and Wrathful’

Part 2: Arts (continued)

Śiva and His Family

Illustrations ‘Śiva and His family’

Part 2: Arts (continued)

Śiva Dancing

Illustrations ‘Śiva Dancing’

Part 3: Inscriptions, Coins and Seals

Around Śiva

Illustrations ‘Around Śiva’

Index of Authors

Index of Geography

Index of Subjects
University-level institutes offering programs on Asian studies and affiliated libraries, academics (students, PhD students, post-docs) working on Hinduism or Asian arts, museum professionals, art collectors and art traders, teachers.
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