Evil Women: Representations within Literature, Culture and Film


Evil women, who are they really? What are their motives, and how are they remembered and constructed within our culture? Evil Women: Representations within Literature, Culture and Film seeks to interrogate the nature and construction of evil women in the above fields. Through literature, poetry, history, ballads, film and real-life culture, scholars explore how the evil woman has been constructed and, in some cases, erased; the punishment and treatment of evil women; and the way evil women have been portrayed on and off screen through character, narrative and behind the camera development.

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Robyn Muir, Ph.D. (2020), University of Nottingham, researches images of femininity within cultural phenomena. She co-edited The Politics of Culture (2020) and is currently researching the politics of femininity within the Disney Princess Phenomenon.

Beatrice Frasl is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Vienna, podcaster and speaker. Her dissertation focusses on heteronormativity and gender in Disney’s animated feature films.

Christie Lauder is a candidate in the Louisiana State University MFA program, the non-fiction editor for the New Delta Review magazine and the associate director of the Delta Mouth Literary Festival. She is the former director of the Centre for Excellence in Journalism in Karachi, Pakistan.

Elizabeth Schreiber-Byers, Ph.D. (2013), University of North Carolina, is an independent scholar writing on the intersection of gender and power in nineteenth-century German Literature. Her work has been featured in Colloquia Germanica (2012) and Gender and the Representation of Evil (2016).
Notes on Contributors

  Robyn Muir

part 1
Representation of Evil Women in Literature
1 The Domina: Early Psychological Perspectives on the Female Sadist
  Elizabeth Schreiber-Byers

2 Missing Lady Macbeth Kierkegaard’s Allusions to Macbeth for Concepts of Sin, Gender, and Despair
  Wendy M Bustamante

3 ‘Her Stocking Hanging Evilly’: Naomi’s Grotesque Body in ‘Kaddish’ by Allen Ginsberg
  Nicola Scholes

4 ‘In a Halo of Snakes’: Avatars of Medusa in Contemporary British Women’s Poetry
  Elena Nistor

part 2
Representation of Evil Women in Culture
5 The Perceived Evil of Female Bacchants and Their Subsequent Persecution by the Roman Government in 186 bce
  Heather Moser

6 Strange, Evil, and Hard Hearted An Analysis of the Morality of Women in Appalachian Ballads
  Heather Beltz and Kathryn Mann

7 The Hoodoo That You Do: Roots of Contemporary Management Practice
  Alisea Williams McLeod

8 Sexual Homicide by Females
  Theresa Porter and Charles Dike

part 3
Representation of Evil Women in Film
9 ‘They Thrive on the Dark and the Cold’: Evil Females, Femininity and Feminism in Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak (2015)
  Marine Galiné

10 In Conversation with K. Pervaiz Transforming the Monstrous-Feminine Archetype in Black Lake (2020)
  Amy Harris and K Pervaiz

11 Evil Queens and Wicked Women Female Disney Villains and the Construction of Femininity
  Robyn Muir

For anyone interested in the politics of gender representation in culture, history of literatur and gender and cultural phenomena.
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