Explicating Maxine Greene’s Notion of Naming and Becoming: “I Am ... Not Yet”


This volume offers a Naming praxis with which teachers might more closely align with their ethical ideals in the midst of their daily practice and relationships with students. Framed ontologically in Maxine Greene’s existential-phenomenological notion of Becoming, the author explicates Greene’s Naming as a praxis within her own early teaching experiences through the interpretive methods of currere and teacher lore. This study evolves in epistolary conversation with Maxine Greene, teacher colleagues, and new teachers. It demonstrates the possibilities of applying critical reflective and discursive dialogue to the tensions of a teacher’s life of practice in order to identify the obstacles to and the opportunities of the Becoming of the teacher and the student(s) in the educational encounter.

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Introductory Letter to My Reader
Chapter 1 Letters to Maxine
Chapter 2 Letters to My Colleague
Chapter 3 Letters to New Teachers
Concluding Letter to Fellow Teachers
Christine Debelak Neider, Ph.D. (2016), University of Pittsburgh, is an independent scholar/educator. She has been a teacher, community educator, and school leader in public and private PreK-12 schools. She also taught Social Foundations of Education and Curriculum Studies in university.
Introductory Letter to My Reader

1 Letters to Maxine
 1 Prologue
 2 Mindset
 3 Journey toward Maxine: Troubling Epistemology
 4 Imaging Ontological Possibilities
 5 Naming and Being
 6 Naming, Learning, and Social Imagination

2 Letters to My Colleague
 1 Toward a Method of Inquiry for a Teacher
 2 (Re)Claiming Interpreation: Currere
 3 Engaging Teachers in Inquiry: Teacher Lore
 4 Logics of a Naming Study

3 Letters to New Teachers
 1 Teaching Vignettes
 2 Disturbances
 3 “We” Know: Beginnings of Discursive Naming
 4 Naming a Feminized Profession
 5 Naming Hidden Work and (Mis)Understanding
 6 Being Ethical
 7 Becoming Possibilities
 8 Today

Concluding Letter to Fellow Teachers
All interested in teacher education, teacher inquiry, teaching ethics, curriculum studies, and social foundations of education.
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