Analysis and Forecast of China’s Social Conditions (2018)


This collection of articles selected from the Blue Book of Chinese Society 2018, originally published in Chinese, reviews China’s social condition from 2017 to 2018. Chapter one offers an overview. Chapters two to seven present China’s social conditions in 2017 from six aspects, including urban and rural income and spending, employment for college graduates, social security system, education system, healthcare, and public safety. In chapters eight to nineteen, findings are presented and analyzed from a number of social surveys on topics such as the sharing economy, college students, new white-collar urban workers, online public opinion and others. A statistical overview of China’s Social Development in 2017 is given in the last chapter.

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LI Peilin is Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Vice President of the Chinese Sociological Association, and Editor-in-Chief of Sociological Studies. Li received his Master’s degree from Université de Lyon in 1984 and Ph.D. from Paris-Sorbonne in 1987. He has published extensively in sociology, including Social Stratification in China, Social Conflict and Class Consciousness, and Social Transformation and Chinese Experiences.

CHEN Guangjin is Director of the Institute of Sociology, CASS, Vice President of the Chinese Sociological Association. Chen has published extensively in studies of Chinese society.

ZHANG Yi is Director of the National Institute of Social Development, CASS.
Libraries, China watchers, students of contemporary China, scholars, activists and members of the public interested in China’s society and social issues.