Brill's Companion to Greek Land Warfare Beyond the Phalanx


After decades of controversy, there is now a growing consensus that Greek warfare was not singular and simple, but complex and multiform. In this volume, emerging and established scholars build on this consensus to explore Greek warfare beyond its traditional focus on hoplites and the phalanx. We expand the chronological limits back into the Iron Age, the geographical limits to the central and eastern Mediterranean, and the operational limits to include cavalry, light-armed troops, and sieges. We also look beyond the battlefield at integral aspects of warfare including religion, the experiences of women, and the recovery of the war dead.

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Roel Konijnendijk, Ph.D. (2015), University College London, is a Departmental Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Oxford. He is the author of Classical Greek Tactics: A Cultural History (2018). He now works on the historiography of Greek warfare.

Cezary Kucewicz, Ph.D. (2018), University College London, is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Gdańsk and Wolfson College, University of Cambridge. He is the author of The Treatment of the War Dead in Archaic Athens: An Ancestral Custom (2021).

Matthew Lloyd, D.Phil (2014), University of Oxford, is a museum curator in Canada. He has written chapters on weapons and warrior burials in the Cambridge Guide to Homer and A Companion to the Archaeology of Early Greece and the Mediterranean.

Contributors are Josho Brouwers, Fernando Echeverría, Joshua R. Hall, Jennifer Martinez Morales, Alexander T. Millington, Matthew A. Sears, Hans van Wees.
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1 Introduction: Beyond the Phalanx
Matthew Lloyd, Roel Konijnendijk, and Cezary Kucewicz

2 Men of Iron Pre-Archaic Greek Warfare in Context
Matthew Lloyd

3 The Anatolian Roots of Archaic Greek Warfare
Josho Brouwers

4 The War Dead in Archaic Sparta
Cezary Kucewicz

5 Women, Diversity, and War off the Battlefield in Classical Greece
Jennifer Martinez Morales

6 Worshipping Violence
A.T. Millington

7 Cavalry and the Character of Classical Warfare
Roel Konijnendijk

8 ‘Not Many Bows’? Light-Armed Fighters of the Tenth through Fourth Centuries
Cezary Kucewicz, Matthew Lloyd, and Roel Konijnendijk

9 Assaults and Sieges Rewriting the Other Side of Greek Land Warfare
Fernando Echeverría

10 The Western Greeks and the ‘Greek Warfare’ Narrative
Joshua R. Hall

11 The First Greek Soldiers in Egypt Myths and Realities
Hans van Wees

Matthew A. Sears

Ancient history, archaeology, and Classics institutes and departments; academic libraries; undergraduate and postgraduate students and subject specialists in Greek warfare and the relationship between war and society.
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