Neville Figgis, CR: His Life, Thought and Significance


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John Neville Figgis, CR (1866-1919) was a brilliant Anglican theologian, historian, political thinker and preacher; he was also a monk. This volume of a dozen freshly commissioned essays by eminent scholars retrieves, expounds and critiques his thought and relates it to the culturally pluralist theological, ethical and political situation in which we find ourselves in the twenty-first century. Although Figgis’ significance is widely acknowledged by scholars, little has been written about him. Figgis has an uncontested place in Anglican and Episcopal thought and is overdue for a concerted study of the many facets of his work and importance.

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Paul Avis, is Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, UK. He is the author or editor of many books and numerous articles and is the Editor-in-Chief of Ecclesiology and the Editor of Brill’s series Anglican-Episcopal Theology and History.
Notes on Contributors
John Neville Figgis: A Timeline of His Life and Major Publications

1 The Life and Death of John Neville Figgis, C.R.
Mark D. Chapman

2 Figgis as a Public Intellectual
Peter Sedgwick

3 Figgis and the Religious Roots of Modern Conservatism
Jeremy Morris

4 The Figgistorians or Anti-Whig Historians of Political Thought
James Alexander

5 ‘My Kingdom is not of this World’: J. N. Figgis and the Politics of England’s Religious Past
Robert G. Ingram

6 The Ecclesiology of John Neville Figgis, C.R.
Paul Avis

7 Figgis and Nietzsche on Freedom, Authority, and Pluralism
Andrew Grosso

8 John Neville Figgis and William Temple: A Common Tradition of Anglican Social Thought?
Stephen Spencer

9 Without Privilege, without Prejudice: The Resurgence of Religion and the Dilemmas of Secular Liberalism
Elaine Graham

10 Figgis, Families, and Synodality
Ephraim Radner

11 The Road Not Taken: Figgis, Subsidiarity, and Catholic Social Teaching
William T. Cavanaugh

12 Brother Neville: Figgis the Monk
Thomas Seville, CR

Theologians, historians, political philosophers; post-graduate researchers in political thought, historiography and theology; educated non-specialists including clergy and members of religious communities.
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