Toward a New World: Articles and Essays, 1901-1906

On the Psychology of Society; New World, and Contributions to Studies in the Realist Worldview


Editor / Translator:
Alexander Bogdanov (1873–1928) wrote the articles in this volume in the years before and during the Revolution of 1905 when he was co-leader, with V.I. Lenin, of the Bolshevik faction of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party, and was active in the revolution and the struggle against Marxist revisionism. In these pieces, Bogdanov defends the principles of revolutionary Social-Democracy on the basis of a neutral monist philosophy (empiriomonism), the idea of the invariable regularity of nature, and the use of the principle of selection to explain social development. The articles in On the Psychology of Society (1904/06) discredit the neo-Kantian philosophy of Russia’s Marxist revisionists, rebut their critique of historical materialism, and develop the idea that labour technology determines social consciousness. New World (1905) envisions how humankind will develop under socialism, and Bogdanov’s contributions to Studies in the Realist Worldview (1904/05) defend the labour theory of value and criticise neo-Kantian sociology.

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David G. Rowley, PhD (1982, University of Michigan), is Emeritus Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Platteville. He has published several articles on Alexander Bogdanov and is the translator of Bogdanov’s Philosophy of Living Experience (Brill, 2016) and Empiriomonism (Brill, 2020).
Translator’s Introduction

Part 1 On the Psychology of Society

From the Author

1 In the Field of View

2 What Is Idealism?

3 The Development of Life in Nature and in Society

4 Authoritarian Thinking

5 A New Middle Ages: On Problems of Idealism

6 A New Middle Ages: On the Benefit of Knowledge

7 A New Middle Ages: Echoes of the Past

8 A New Middle Ages: A Philosophical Nightmare

9 Revolution and Philosophy

Part 2 New World

From the Author

10 The Integration of Humankind

11 Norms and Goals of Life

12 The Accursed Questions of Philosophy

Part 3 Studies in the Realist Worldview

Introduction to the First Edition

Introduction to the Second Edition

13 Exchange and Technology

14 Legal Society and Labour Society

All interested in the thought of Alexander Bogdanov, Russian intellectual history, Russian Marxism in the revolutionary era, and Marxian historical materialism and economic theory.
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