Rethinking Mamardashvili: Philosophical Perspectives, Analytical Insights


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This book intends to present Mamardashvili’s philosophical perspective on modern society by exemplifying in different ways its distinctive contribution to the greater philosophical landscape. The authors aim to define both Mamardashvili’s place in the history of philosophy—among the currents of twentieth-century European thought and, in particular, phenomenology—and his relations with authors like Hegel, Proust, Deleuze, and Wittgenstein, while identifying the basic methodological instruments and substantive concepts of his thought—language, migration, citizenship, or “the freedom of complaint.” The volume will be useful both for preparatory courses (by supplying an introduction to Mamardashvili’s thought and forming the key necessary concepts) and for advanced research exigencies, allowing a professional audience to discover the remarkable insights of Mamardashvili’s philosophy.

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Vladimer Luarsabishvili, Ph.D., is a Professor of the School of Politics and Diplomacy at New Vision University (Tbilisi). He is the author of Ideas and Methodologies in Historical Research (Routledge, 2022) and has founded the book series Rethinking Society. Individuals, Culture and Migration (NVU Press, 2020).

Merab Mamardashvili Today and Tomorrow
Vladimer Luarsabishvili

Mamardashvili and Phenomenology
Daniel Regnier

The Roots of Mamardashvili’s Topological Approach
Normativity and the Problem of Form in Hegel
Elisa Pontini

Gathering the In-Between
Merab Mamardashvili’s Way through Proust
 Julia Sushytska and Alisa Slaughter

Boundary Experience and “Transcendentals” in the Philosophy of Мerab Mamardashvili and Ludwig Wittgenstein
Diana Gasparyan

“The Freedom of Complaint”
Mamardashvili on Georgian Society at the End of the 1980s
Vladimer Luarsabishvili

A Problem of Language
Merab Mamardashvili and Dmitry Mamuliya in Philosophical-Cinematic Dialogue
Alyssa Deblasio

The Political Thought of Merab Mamardashvili
 Mikhail Nemtsev and Victoria Faybyshenko

Between Althusser and Arendt
Mamardashvili and the Political
Evert van der Zweerde

All interested in the philosophy of Merab Mamardashvili, and in contemporary political philosophy in a broad European cultural context.
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