Books and Prints at the Heart of the Catholic Reformation in the Low Countries (16th–17th Centuries)


Often considered the advent of mass media, the use of books and prints by Protestants has been widely studied and has generated a rich and plentiful bibliography. In contrast, the production and use of the same media by the proponents of the Counter-Reformation have not received the attention they deserve, especially in the context of the Low Countries. The twelve chapters in this volume provide new perspectives on the efficacy of the handpress book industry to support the Catholic strategy in the Spanish Low Countries and underline the mutually beneficial relationship between the Counter-Reformation and the typographic world. This volume represents an important contribution to our understanding of the sociocultural and socioeconomic background of the Catholic Netherlands.

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Renaud Adam, Ph.D. (2011) works as an expert for the auction house Arenberg Auctions in Brussels. He has published books and articles on the history of the book in the Southern Netherlands (15th–17th centuries), including Vivre et imprimer dans les Pays-Bas méridionaux (Brepols, 2018).

Rosa De Marco, Ph.D. (2014), is in charge of the heritage of the University of Lorraine Libraries. In addition to articles on baroque ceremonies and emblematics, she recently coedited Eliciting Wonder: The Emblem on the Stage (GES-Droz, 2021).

Malcolm Walsby is professor of book history at Enssib in Lyon and director of the Gabriel Naudé research centre. He has published extensively on European book history during the Renaissance and has edited bibliographies on French and Netherlandish books.
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1 Books and Prints at the Heart of the Catholic Reformation in the Low Countries (16th–17th Centuries)
Renaud Adam, Rosa De Marco and Malcolm Walsby

Part 1: Book Production and Book Business

2 A Window of Opportunity: Framing Female Owner-Managers of Printing Houses in Sixteenth-Century Antwerp
Heleen Wyffels

3 The Printing Industry and the Counter-Reformation in Brussels under Archduke Albert and Archduchess Isabella (1598–1633)
Renaud Adam

4 Successful Strategies for Creating a Devotional Best Seller: Canisius’s Manuale Catholicorum Published by the Plantin Press
Dirk Imhof

5 International Sales of Tridentine Emblems Books by the Antwerp Officina Plantiniana: The Case of Father Joannes David at the Beginning of the Seventeenth Century
Renaud Milazzo

Part 2: Publishing Enterprises

6 A French Book in the Low Countries: Matthieu de Launoy’s Déclaration et Réfutation and Its Reissues in Douai, Cambrai and Antwerp (1578–1579)
Alexander Soetaert

7 ‘Per Modum Compendii a Leonardo Damerio Leodiensi in Lucem Editum’: Odo van Maelcote, Léonard Damery, the Astrolabium Aequinotiale, and the Parallactic Print between Italy and the Southern Netherlands in the Age of Galileo
Ruth Sargent Noyes

8 An Imperial Crusade? Public Opinion in Antwerp and the Response to the Bohemian Crisis
Paul Arblaster

9 Printed Christian hilaritas under Archdukes Albert and Isabel (1598–1621)
Johan Verberckmoes

Part 3: Prints and Iconography

10 Militant Printers’ Marks across the Southern Low Countries (1561–1640): A Survey at the Heart of the Emblematic Era
Rosa De Marco

11 The Counter-Reformation and Its Rebranding through Images: The Frontispieces of Books Printed in Antwerp
Annelyse Lemmens

12 Thesis Prints Dedicated to Archduke Leopold William of Austria, in the Service of the Pietas Austriaca
Gwendoline de Mûelenaere

13 The Iconography of the Last Supper in Géronimo Nadal’s Evangelicæ historiæ imagines
Valentine Langlais

This collection will appeal to anyone interested in book production, prints and images, trade and circulation, printmaking, princely power, Catholicism, and reading practices in the early modern Low Countries.
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