Against Better Judgement: Rethinking Multicultural Society

Liber Amicorum: In Honour of Professor Dr Ruben Gowricharn

The topics addressed in this book varies from issues in multicultural society to scholarship. In fourteen short essays the authors discuss crucial topics, including (personal sociology, arts, policy making, creolisation, diaspora communities, minority empowerment, political exclusion, homemaking, practice of science). This liber amicorum offers a unique collection of essays that opens a fresh window for everybody interested in multicultural societies, history, arts and social science. The contributions to this book represents a fine scholarship dealing with contemporary issues in society and academia.

Contributors include: Peter A.G. van Bergeijk, Frank Bovenkerk, Miriela G.L. Carolina, Gürkan Çelik, Chan E.S. Choenni, Hans Crebas, Jaswina Elahi, Frits van Engeldorp Gastelaars, Roshni Ganpat, Halleh Ghorashi, Wiren Gowricharn, Rosemarijn Hoefte, Saira Jahangir-Abdoelrahman, Michiel van Kempen, Slawomir Magala, Brij Maharaj, Rinus Penninx, Artie Ramsodit, Hans Ramsoedh, Sandra Trienekens, Wilfred Uunk, and Tanya Wijngaarde.

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Jaswina Elahi, (PhD), is social researcher. Her expertise compromise digital culture, social inequality, cultural development and citizenship. Currently she is working on a book about hindustanis in Dutch colonial history.

Sandra Trienekens, (PhD), held positions at various universities in the Netherlands and the UK. From 2007 to 2011, she was Professor of Citizenship and Cultural Dynamics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam, after which she committed full-time to the research agency Urban Paradoxes, that which she founded in 2004.

Hans Ramsoedh, historian (PhD), worked as a staff member at faculty of Education of the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem (1990-2016), ). He regularly writes about the contemporary history of Suriname and the Caribbean. His latest book is Surinaams Onbehagen. Een sociale en politieke geschiedenis van Suriname 1865 – 2015 (Verloren, 2018).
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1 Introduction
Jaswina Elahi

Part 1: Personal Sociology, Idealism, and Leadership

2 On Personal Sociology
Frank Bovenkerk

3 Placidity: The Real Spiritual Infrastructure for Leadership
Frits van Engeldorp Gastelaars

4 The Retreat of Idealism: Rethinking Engagement within Polarized Societies
Halleh Ghorashi

5 Oh My Dismal, Dismal, Science!
Peter A. G. van Bergeijk

Part 2: Public Debate in Multicultural Society

6 The Promotiekamer: An Instrument in the Dutch Public Debate
Jaswina Elahi

7 Blood, Sweat, and Footnotes
Slawomir Magala

8 On the Use of Dutch "Slaaf" and "Totslaafgemaakte"
Michiel van Kempen

Part 3: Migration, Integration, and Chances for Inclusive Policy

9 We Are Not That Different: A Closer Look at Migrant and Non-Migrant Cultural Attitudes in the Netherlands
Wilfred Uunk

10 "Integration While Preserving Your Own Culture and Identity"? Looking Back at the Framing of the Migrant's Culture and Identity in Integration Policies in the Netherlands Nineteenth-Century China
Rinus Penninx

11 Slow Change, No Catharsis
Sandra Trienekens

12 Conditions for Label Change in a Public Dialogue about Inclusive Public Service
Artie Ramsodit

13 Peacekeeping in Holland 2001-2010. The Organization of Dutch Policy in the Light of the Polarization around Muslims
Hans Crebas

Part 4: The Multicultural Society in Suriname and in Caribbean SIDs

14 Modernity and the Middle Class in Late Colonial Paramaribo
Rosemarijn Hoefte

15 Creolization and Creole Hassle in Segmented Suriname
Hans Ramsoedh

16 UFOs over Suriname: The Reception of an American Mythology
Tanya Wijngaarde

17 The Promotiekamer Suriname-Nederland: Intellectual Capacity Building
Saira Jahangir-Abdoelrahman

18 Encouraging Brain Gain in the Caribbean SIDs
Miriëla G. L. Carolina

Part 5: Diaspora Communities

19 The Turkish Diaspora in The Netherlands
Gürkan Çelik

20 Reflections on the Trials and Tribulations of the Indentured Diaspora
Brij Maharaj

21 East Indians and Political Exclusion: The Case of Fiji, Guyana, and Suriname
Chan E. S. Choenni

Part 6: Homemaking

22 Homemaking of the Second Generation
Roshni Ganpat and Wiren Gowricharn

Interested laymen, students from different levels, practitioners and scholars.
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