Philosophy, Art, and the Imagination: Essays on the Work of John Sallis


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John Sallis has been at the cutting edge of the Continental philosophical tradition for almost half a century, and it is largely due to his contributions that we have come to understand “Continental” as designating an original philosophical, not a geographical, tradition. His work, with its uncommon scholarly rigor, has come to define the best of that tradition and to expand its horizons in creative ways through a genuine philosophical imagination.
The essays gathered here are dedicated to assessing Sallis’ contribution and to indicating some of the ways in which his works might shape the future of philosophy.

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James Risser, Ph.D. (1978), Duquesne University, is Professor of Philosophy at Seattle University. His main research areas are hermeneutics, aesthetics, and ancient Greek philosophy.
Foreword On Leaving Footprints: Some Remarks on the Legacy of John Sallis  
Dennis J. Schmidt

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Notes on Contributors

  James Risser and Walter Brogan

part 1
Directions within Greek Philosophy
1 “Beneath the Earth and in the Heavens” John Sallis in His Elements
  Michael Naas

2 Philosophy and Monstrosity, an Ode to Artemis
  Sara Brill

3 Boundless Images John Sallis and the Ancient Gods
  Claudia Baracchi

4 “Shaggy, Lustful, Partly Animal” John Sallis on Plato’s Symposium
  S. Montgomery Ewegen

5 The Stretch between Limitless Flow and Absolute Stasis Figuring the Flow of Nature and the Determinacy of Being
  Walter Brogan

part 2
On Art and Translation
6 Freeing the Eye
  Alejandro A. Vallega

7 Interpreting the “Sense” of Art
  James Risser

8 To Speak of Art … at the Limit
  Jeffrey Powell

9 On Translating John Sallis
  Drew A. Hyland

part 3
Concerns of Philosophy
10 On the Way to the Sensible Disrupting Simple Directions
  Peg Birmingham

11 John Sallis’ Liminal Phenomenology
  Daniela Vallega-Neu

12 Elemental Ecology Reading John Sallis in an Age of Earth Crisis
  Jason M. Wirth

13 Force of Imagination as Critical Turning Point Sallis and the Future of Philosophy
  Bernard Freydberg

  John Sallis


This book would be of interest to graduate students and researchers in the area of contemporary Continental philosophy.
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