Marx Matters


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Choice Award 2022: Outstanding Academic Title

Marx Matters is an examination of how Marx remains more relevant than ever in dealing with contemporary crises. This volume explores how technical dimensions of a Marxian analytic frame remains relevant to our understanding of inequality, of exploitation and oppression, and of financialization in the age of global capitalism. Contributors track Marx in promoting emancipatory practices in Latin America, tackle how Marx informs issues of race and gender, explore current social movements and the populist turn, and demonstrate how Marx can guide strategies to deal with the existential environmental crises of the day. Marx matters because Marx still provides the best analysis of capitalism as a system, and his ideas still point to how society can organize for a better world.

Contributors are: Jose Bell Lara, Ashley J. Bohrer, Tom Brass, Rose M. Brewer, William K. Carroll, Penelope Ciancanelli, Raju J. Das, Ricardo A. Dello Buono, David Fasenfest, Ben Fine, Lauren Langman, Alfredo Saad-Filho, Vishwas Satgar, and William K. Tabb.

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David Fasenfest (PhD 1984, University of Michigan), is Associate Professor of Sociology at Wayne State University. He is the editor of the Critical Sociology journal (Sage), and the Studies in Critical Social Science (Brill) and New Scholarship in Political Economy book series (Brill). He is the author of many articles and book chapters, most recently "Constructing the Conceptual Tools for the Global South” in Constructing the Research Object in Social Science (Brill, 2021), “Neoliberalism, Urban Policy and Environmental Degradation” in Urban Emergency (Mis)Management and the Crisis of Neoliberalism (Brill, 2020) and “Emergency Management in Michigan: A Misguided Policy Initiative” in Community Development and Public Administration Theory: Promoting Democratic Principles to Improve Communities (Routledge, 2018).
"This collection from Fasenfest (Wayne State Univ.) will be a great read for many whether they are only a little familiar or very familiar with Karl Marx because the book takes an excellent approach to explaining and applying Marx's concepts. A variety of scholars from around the world and from different social science disciplines contribute to this volume. Fasenfest lays out why Marx should and could matter in addressing contemporary political, social, and economic issues and supplies a great description of how Marx's theory influenced current debates on political economy. Several essays explain the central concepts in Marx's writings; another set of essays then applies these concepts to contemporary issues ranging from Latin American emancipation theory, racism, and intersectionality to the cultural turn and social movements. The chapters are all deeply academic and complex yet very readable. The book is a great source for students looking to deepen their understanding of and appreciate the timeless relevance of a classical social theorist such as Marx. For students, scholars, and lay readers, this book excellently demonstrates how to evaluate and use theoretical concepts."

G. K. Hearn, Idaho State University in the December 2022 issue of CHOICE.

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Notes on Contributors

1 The Once and Future Marx
  David Fasenfest

2 What Marx Anticipated That Is, or Should Be, Central to Political Economy Today
  William K. Tabb

part 1
Marx’s Political Economy for the Present
3 From Marxist Political Economy to Financialization or Is It the Other Way About?
  Ben Fine

4 Value, Capital and Exploitation in Marx
  Alfredo Saad-Filho

5 Social Oppression, Class Relation, and Capitalist Accumulation
  Raju J. Das

6 The Power of Money
  Penelope Ciancanelli

7 Great Replacement and/as the Industrial Reserve Populism or Marxism?
  Tom Brass

part 2
Marx and a Changing Society
8 Emancipatory Thought in Latin America The Enduring Legacy of Carlos Marx
  Ricardo A. Dello Buono and José Bell Lara

9 Marx, the Commons and Democratic Eco-socialism
  Vishwas Satgar

10 Marx Matters, in Theory and Practice Reflections from the Corporate Mapping Project
  William K. Carroll

11 The Capitalist Racial State and Black Lives in Struggle
  Rose M. Brewer

12 Marxism and Intersectionality A Critical Historiography
  Ashley J. Bohrer

13 Marxism, Peasants, and the Cultural Turn The Myth of a ‘Nice’ Populism
  Tom Brass

14 Marx on Social Movements Left and Right
  Lauren Langman


All political economists, social scientists and critical scholars interested in Marx. The book can be used for advanced graduate courses on Marx.
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