Emotions and Narrative in Ancient Literature and Beyond

Studies in Honour of Irene de Jong


Emotions are at the core of much ancient literature, from Achilles’ heartfelt anger in Homer’s Iliad to the pangs of love of Virgil’s Dido. This volume applies a narratological approach to emotions in a wide range of texts and genres. It seeks to analyze ways in which emotions such as anger, fear, pity, joy, love and sadness are portrayed. Furthermore, using recent insights from affective narratology, it studies ways in which ancient narratives evoke emotions in their readers. The volume is dedicated to Irene de Jong for her groundbreaking research into the narratology of ancient literature.

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Mathieu de Bakker (Ph.D. 2007, University of Amsterdam) is University Lecturer of Ancient Greek at the University of Amsterdam. He publishes on the Greek historians and orators and is co-author of The Cambridge Grammar of Classical Greek (Cambridge 2019).

Baukje van den Berg (Ph.D. 2016, University of Amsterdam) is currently Assistant Professor of Byzantine Studies at Central European University, Vienna. She has published on Byzantine scholarship and education and is completing a monograph on the Commentary on the Iliad by Eustathios of Thessalonike for OUP.

Jacqueline Klooster (Ph.D. 2009, University of Amsterdam) is an Assistant Professor of Greek at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. She publishes on Hellenistic Poetry (Poetry as Window and Mirror. Positioning the Poet in Hellenistic Poetry, Leiden / Boston 2011) and is co-editor of the Hellenistica Groningana series.

Contributors are Suzanne Adema, Rutger Allan, Mathieu de Bakker, Silvio Bär, Baukje van den Berg, Anton Bierl, Gerard Boter, Angus Bowie, Pieter van den Broek, Marina Coray, Bruno Currie, Kristoffel Demoen, Koen De Temmerman, Evert van Emde Boas, Patrick Finglass, Margalit Finkelberg, Sofia Frade, Piet Gerbrandy, Lidewij van Gils, Annette Harder, Stephen Harrison, Mark Heerink, Jan Willem van Henten, Luuk Huitink, Casper de Jonge, Geralda Jurriaans-Helle, Ahuvia Kahane, Robert Kirstein, Jacqueline Klooster, Hugo Koning, Martha Krieter, Caroline Kroon, André Lardinois, Françoise Létoublon, Michael Lloyd, Sebastiaan van der Mije, Kathryn A. Morgan, Ilse Müllner, Willie van Peer, Christopher Pelling, Edwin Rabbie, Albert Rijksbaron, Tim Rood, Richard Rutherford, Antonis Tsakmakis, Berenice Verhelst, Gerry Wakker, and Tim Whitmarsh.
Editorial Board
Edited by J.J.H. Klooster (University of Groningen), K.M. Coleman (Harvard University), R. Gagné (University of Cambridge), C.C. de Jonge (Leiden University), C. Pieper (Leiden University), T. Reinhardt (Oxford University)

Editorial address: mnnemosyne@rug.nl
"The editors set themselves an ambitious undertaking: to provide further insights, in the form of an anthology, into the “vast and fascinating subject” of emotions. This volume does not only meet our expectations but goes well beyond them. Both editors and contributors have adopted a multifaceted approach, which makes it suitable both for experts and non-experts. (...) The papers in this book all contribute to the volume’s purpose: to honor De Jong’s career and enhance her studies. Although a lengthy read, more than 750 pages in total, the text runs smoothly; the wise chronological division adopted by the editors gently walks readers through centuries, without overwhelming them."
Giulia Maria Paoletti in BMCR2023.07.04
Notes on Contributors

Introduction: The Narratology of Emotions in Ancient Literature
Mathieu de Bakker, Baukje van den Berg and Jacqueline Klooster

Part 1 Archaic Epic

1 A Narratology of the Emotions: Method, Temporality, and Anger in Homer’s Iliad
Ahuvia Kahane

2 Narrative and Emotion in the Iliad: Andromache and Helen
Angus Bowie

3 Fear and Loathing at the Xanthus
Evert van Emde Boas

4 Metaleptic Apostrophe in Homer: Emotion and Immersion
Rutger Allan

5 In Mortal Danger: The Emotions of Two Fighters in the Iliad
Marina Coray and Martha Krieter

6 Poseidon’s Anger in the Odyssey
Sebastiaan van der Mije

7 Emotions and Politeness in Homer’s Odyssey
Robert Kirstein

8 Emotionally Reunited: Laertes and Odysseus in Odyssey 24
Bruno Currie

9 Love and Anger: Emotions in Hesiod
Hugo Koning

Part 2 Archaic Epic and Beyond

10 The Text as Labyrinth
Françoise Létoublon

11 Narrating Pity in Greek Epic, Lyric, Tragedy, and Beyond
Patrick Finglass

12 Deixis in Teichoscopy as a Marker of Emotional Urgency
Albert Rijksbaron

13 Exercises in Anger Management: From Achilles to Arginusae
Christopher Pelling

14 Sunt lacrimae rerum: Emotions at the Deaths of Troilus, Priam, and Astyanax in Athenian Black-Figure Vase-Painting
Geralda Jurriaans-Helle

15 What the Greeks Left Us: Perspectivation as a Tool in the Pursuit of (Emotional) Knowledge
Willie van Peer

Part 3 Early Lyric, Tragedy, and Biblical Poetry

16 Passion versus Performance in Sappho Fragments 1 and 31
André Lardinois

17 Prometheus Bound as ‘Epic’ Tragedy and Its Narratology of Emotion
Anton Bierl

18 Self-Description of Emotions in Ancient Greek Drama: A First Exploration
Gerry Wakker

19 Retelling the War of Troy: Tragedy, Emotions, and Catharsis
Sofia Frade

20 Body and Speech as the Site of Emotions in Biblical Narrative
Ilse Müllner

Part 4 Greek Prose of the Classical Period

21 Herodotean Emotions: Some Aspects
Richard Rutherford

22 Herodotus, Historian of Emotions
Mathieu de Bakker

23 Emotions in Thucydides: Revisiting the Final Battle in Syracuse Harbour
Tim Rood

24 The Dark Side of a Narrative: The Power of Emotions, Digressions and Historical Causes in Hellenica Oxyrhynchia
Antonis Tsakmakis

25 Cyrus’ Tears: An Essay in Affective Narratology and Socratic History
Luuk Huitink

26 The Joys and Sorrows of the Argument: Emotions and Emotional Involvement in Plato’s Narratives of Philosophical Reasoning
Margalit Finkelberg

27 The Arousal of Interest in Plato’s Protagoras and Gorgias
Michael Lloyd

28 Socratic Emotions
Kathryn A. Morgan

Part 5 Hellenistic Literature

29 Heracles’ Emotions in Apollonius of Rhodes’ Argonautica
Silvio Bär

30 Away with ‘Angry Young Men’! Intertextuality as a Narratological Tool in the Quarrel Episodes in the Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius
Annette Harder

31 Theocritus and the Poetics of Love
Jacqueline Klooster

32 Characters, Emotions, and Enargeia in Second Maccabees
Jan Willem van Henten

Part 6 Latin Literature

33 Common Ground and the Presentation of Emotions: Fright and Horror in Livy’s Historiography
Lidewij van Gils and Caroline Kroon

34 Dramatic Narrative in Epic: Aeneas’ Eyewitness Account of the Fall of Troy in Virgil Aeneid 2
Stephen Harrison

35 Unhappy Dido, Queen of Carthage
Suzanne Adema

36 Emotional Apostrophes in Silius Italicus’ Punica 6
Pieter van den Broek

37 Metalepsis on the Argo: Debating Hercules in Valerius Flaccus (Arg. 3.598–725)
Mark Heerink

Part 7 Greek Prose of the Imperial Period

38 Emotion and the Sublime
Casper de Jonge

39 The Role of Anger in Epictetus’ Philosophical Teaching
Gerard Boter

40 Emotions and Narrativity in the Greek Romance
Tim Whitmarsh

41 Another Tale of Anger, Honour, and Love: Achilles in Philostratus’ Heroicus
Kristoffel Demoen

Part 8 Late Antiquity and Beyond

42 Claudian’s De raptu Proserpinae: Grief, Guilt, and Rage of a Bereaved Mother
Piet Gerbrandy

43 A Desire (Not) to Die for: Narrating Emotions in Pseudo-Nilus’ Narrations
Koen De Temmerman

44 From Myth to Image to Description: Emotions in the Ekphrasis Eikonos of Procopius of Gaza
Berenice Verhelst

45 How to Write and Enjoy a Tale of Disaster: Eustathios of Thessalonike on Emotion and Style
Baukje van den Berg

46 A Lawyer in Love: Hugo Grotius’ Erotopaegnia (1608)
Edwin Rabbie

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