The Literary Coptic Manuscripts in the A.S. Pushkin State Fine Arts Museum in Moscow


This volume contains the first complete publication of the collection of Coptic literary manuscripts now in the A.S. Pushkin Fine Arts Museum, Moscow. The collection formed in 1870-1908 by Vladimir Golenischev is of great value since it covers almost the entire field of early Christian literature in Egypt and substantially aids to fill up serious lacunae in many well-known literary works, to say nothing of the texts hitherto unknown. Important is also the fact that Coptica Golenischeviana largely derives from the library of St. Shenoute's monastery at Sohag, this virtual National Library of Christian Egypt, the source of the riches of the museums and libraries of Paris, Vienna, Berlin etc.

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Alla I. Elanskaya Ph.D. (1971) in Coptic, University of St. Petersburg, is Senior Research Worker (Academic rank equivalent to professorship at a University) at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, and Honorary President of the International Association for Coptic Studies. She has published many works in Coptic Grammar and Literature (publications of Coptic manuscripts), including The Coptic Manuscripts of the M.E. Saltykov-Schedrin State Public Library (Academy of the USSR, 1969) (in Russian).
'...eine vervollständigte und [...] ausgestattete Neuausgabe...'
Hans Quecke, Orientalia, 1995.
All those interested in intellectual history, the history of Late Antiquity and early Middle Ages, the history of the Church, as well as philologists (Egyptologists) and Coptologists and Papyrologists.
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