Register Variation in the New Testament Petrine Texts


This book examines the nature of the early church from a Petrine perspective, employing an analysis of register to implement a more synthetic study of relevant texts in the New Testament. Liu utilises a type of discourse analysis that provides a framework for classifying grammatical and lexical information so that the reader can better understand the social function of not only Peter’s speeches in Acts, but also the two epistles attributed to him. Liu’s original and detailed study looks at the content and structure of the texts to enhance our understanding of the early church, with particular attention paid to the dichotomy between Petrine and Pauline Christianity and their competing pictures of Christian origins. This book will interest all scholars and students who wish to extend their understanding of both the historical and literary Peter.

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Chiaen Liu, Ph.D. (2020), McMaster Divinity College (ON, Canada), is Assistant Professor of New Testament at China Evangelical Seminary (Taiwan). He has published articles on New Testament studies, including “Topic and Cohesion in a Narrative: A Study of Mark 2:1–12”, China Evangelical Seminary Journal> 11 (2020): 30–52.

1 An Introduction of the Petrine Studies
 1 Introduction
 2 Peter in History and in Memory
 3 The Legacy of Peter in Narratives and Epistles
 4 Conclusion: A Need for the Study of the Language in the Texts

2 A Definition of Register Analysis
 1 Language and Context
 2 Different Levels of Context
 3 Markedness, Prominence, and Components of Register

3 A Register Analysis of Peter’s Speeches in Acts
 1 The Speeches of Peter in Acts
 2 A Register Analysis of Acts 2:14–36
 3 A Register Analysis of Acts 3:12–26
 4 A Register Analysis of Acts 10:34–43
 5 Conclusion: A New Understanding through Jesus

4 A Register Analysis of the First Epistle of Peter
 1 A Register Analysis of 1 Peter
 2 Conclusion: Following in the Footsteps of Jesus in Suffering

5 A Register Analysis of the Second Epistle of Peter
 1 A Register Analysis of 2 Peter
 2 Conclusion: Being Fruitful in the Knowledge of Jesus Christ

6 The Petrine Tradition and Registers of the Petrine Texts
 1 A Study of the Petrine Tradition/School
 2 Register of the Petrine Texts and the Petrine Tradition
 3 Conclusion: Knowing Jesus from Different Angles
 4 Excursus: Other Materials in the New Testament

7 Conclusion

Appendix A: Relevant Parsing Tables

Appendix B: A Glossary of Linguistic Terms
Index of Authors
Index of Ancient Sources
Biblical scholars, graduate and post-graduate students in the study of language, and every person who reads the New Testament.
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